I got this from Patrick...

October 05 2005
1. What is your middle name? Amie (it's french)

2. What color underwear are you wearing now? a light blue

3. What are you listening to right now? my older dog park at my puppy b/c she doesn't want to play

4. What are the last 2 digits in your phone number? 12

5. What was the last thing you ate? cookie

6. If you were a crayon what color would you be? razzle red

7. How is the weather right now? kinda glumy

8. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? katie

9. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex? eyes

10. Favorite type of Food? mexican

11. Do you drink? let's be stupid

12. Do you smoke? my grandfather did that and he died before it was his time

13. Ever get so drunk you don’t remember what you did? nope

14. Hair color? dark brown

15. Eye color? brown

16. Do you wear contacts? no

17. Favorite Holiday? Thanksgiving

18. Favorite Month? October

19. Have you ever cried for no reason? no

20. What was the last movie you watched? Monsters Inc. w/ the kids I babysit

21. Favorite Day of the Year? When the leaves change colors

22.Are u too shy to ask someone out? I'm the girl, I don't do that part the guy does

23.If you can say something to someone or anyone right now what would it be? Katie we need to take our puppies to the vet!

24. Hugs or Kisses? both

25. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

26. Do you want your friends to respond? yea

27. Who is most likely to respond? kristen

28. Who is least likely to respond? skid

29. What books are you reading? The Crucible and Ella Enchanted

30. Piercing? yep

31. Favorite Movie? Dirty Dancing

32. Favorite baseball Team? Boston Red Socks

33.What were you doing before this? throwing food on the floor for my puppy to go get

34. Any pets? yep,

35. aim? yea buddy

36. Butter, Plain or Salted popcorn? butter

37. Dogs or cats? doggies

38. Favorite Flower? Red Rose

39.Have you ever been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to? When I was doing it, no, but later on yes

41.Have you ever loved someone? I've loved, but I haven't fallen in love

42. Who would you like to see right now? not saying

43. Have you ever broke a vow to yourself? yes

44. Have you ever fired a gun? Does the circus count???

45. Do you like to travel by plane? I love being w/ friends on road trips, or going on the train... but I love flying on planes at night and seeing all the city lights!!!

46. Right-handed or Left-handed? righty

47. If you could be with someone right now, who would it be? can't say

48. How many pillows do you sleep with? Like 5, but I only sleep on 2

49. Are you missing someone? yep

50. Do you have a Tattoo? nope


October 01 2005
So Friday I had a really bad migran, so I went home after early morning, but I needed to go to prime time w/ color guard, so I slept till about 12:40 the got up and went to school for that, well then I was kinda hungry and I knew my stomach couldn't take much so I went to Panera Bread for some soup where this guy that was taking my order was totally hitting on me, but that isn't the point, the point is is that my mom went to the pet store while I was getting my food, well I went over there and they had a Pomeranian that was just precious, so I asked if we could play w/ her and wow did she have some energy, and so I really really really wanted her, and so I told my mom that I would give up driving to pay for her, and she said she would have to tak to david. Well the guy offered us 100 off that day, so if we wanted her we had to get her then or it would be an extra 100, so we went to walmart, then home depot and my mom talked to david while she was in homedepot and he agreed!!! So yea I got this cute 12 week old Pomeranian, she is all black, but one paw is white, and she is so precious so that is her name...Precious and I love her to death, I am very excited, but Idk if her name is going to stay Precious, I was thinking Tiger Lilly b/c it's a disney movie name from Peter Pan, and I love the LSU TIGERS and she loves to eat my mom's flowers, and so that is where I got Lilly, but if anyone has any suggestions I am all ears, b/c her name needs to be special just like she is well give me some name suggestions and I will think about it...


September 27 2005
Ok Idk if yall knew but m and another member of the guard went and talked to the directors yesturday about the Color Guard. We went in there mainly b/c of Friday night b/c there was too much that happened that didn't need to. Did other things come up YES but they were things that needed to be brought up. Yes I am not the captain, but I am a member of the guard and I'm not going to wait for a captain to go to the directors when there is a problem, b/c if the captains are going to be the only people that ever talk to the directors, then yes you won't feel like the directors are including the guard or that you don't have a relationship w/ them, if I have a problem w/ something in band I don't go to Anna or Katie b/c they are the section leaders, yes I will go to them first but if they don't get it done then I'm going to go talk to the directors, and color guard is a section just like clarinets or trumpets or any other instuments, our instruments are our flags, we are a section and we need to act like it. And if you have a problem w/ me going to the directors and what was said come to me 2 other girls did that and we talked about it and one of them, to my knowledge, is fine now and we talked if first this morning. I didn't go in there w/ an intent to name names, there were points where the directors asked for names and I named names, but I didn't rat anyone out. And if you think you know what happened then you might want to check w/ me, b/c last time I check there were only 4 people in the directors office, not everyone that has been talking behind my back. And yes some people heard bits and pieces b/c the directors asked us to tell padiellah what we told them, but no one was there that intire conversatoin we had w/ him last night and so no one really knows everything, they just heard pieces, adn then they go off and tell other girls and then I walk by people in lunch or see them in the hall way and I know they are talking about what I said and I know they aren't getting the truth, so if you will please just come to me and talk, don't do it on IM b/c I did that w/ 2 girls last night and it just got confusing and made things worse. and there is a PRIME TIME MEETING FRIDAY IN THE BAND ROOM TO TALK ABOUT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND WHAT WAS TALKED ABOUT BETWEEN THE BAND DIRECTOR AND ME AND THE OTHER PERSON and I really don't care if people hate me right now b/c if we get this situation and color guard solved I think it would be worth it to be talked about for a couple of days and be hated for a couple of days b/c this is getting rediculous and we need it solved.

Well I love all the girls on guard, weather you realize it or not, I do and I hope everyone had a great day!!!


catching up

September 25 2005
Ok powder puff football went AWESOME, I don't know how it was in the stands, but the players and cheerleaders had a bunch of fun, and Lancaster said that we made around 2000, yea I know a bunch of money, and then he said how I did really good on it, and I'm excited that we are starting traditions b/c we need them

Ali Vice and I dressed up as students from Hogwarts on Tuesday, I was a Sylithern and she was a Ravenclaw, b/c we couldn't find ties that were Greffendor colors, and yea we were so cute, I was excited.

On Wednesday I was scary, I'll have pictures on here later, but let's just say it was scary and leave it at that.

Friday was everything, the parade was long as usual, the pep rally was cool, and Seniors did great, The talent show was histarical, Brenden and Micah were the host and they cracked me up!!! Mr. BHS was intresting to say the least, let's just say Officer Nelson got a little to close to Mrs.Vick, and Micah won, he was really good and totally diserved it!

Ok for all you SIEGEL people Coach Hibdon is hilarious, he had a "dance off" w/ one of the guys that is pretty good at dancing, and he was going through (he isn't that bad of a dancer) and then at one point took paper or something out of his pocket and blew it in his face, it was AWESOME.

The game...well we lost, didn't even score surprise surprise, it was against brentwood and they are a good team. Their band wasn't there so we preformed TWICE, yea that was stressfull and tiring b/c we had to reset all of our equipment. But we did good, and MR. JOLLY was there and so he put us in high spirts.

The dance was let's just say intresting, all the music was botty poppin' not good music and let's just say one guy lost respect and one guy gained it, it was kinda weird, like they switched bodies or something, and me and Mrs. Rhome had a really good conversations and helped me out in some problems I've been having, well it was a crappy dance and I won't go to any other dance but snowball or prom again in my high school career.

Ok well I'm hungry and I'm probably going to go eat something not healthy, my mom has been saying that I haven't eaten heathly in the past couple of weeks, but I've been under all this stress from Homecoming and Powder Puff Football, and it is just hard, and then she gets back from Nashville today and get's on the computer and then is like I need to take a nap, and she won't go to Walmart, which I really need to do, and she won't cook or anything, so I'm just going to eat something unheathy b/c there is nothing else to eat, well now I'm done w/ ranting I'm out.

sososososo busy

September 16 2005
Ok for student council the 2 busiest weeks of school are homecoming, well next week is homecoming, and yea I'm in student council, so it should be crazy, and on top of that I'm in charge of powder puff football, and yea I feel like I'm a chicken w/ it's head chopped off trying to get everything done, so more than likely I won't write on this thing till next week... I am so excited, Flight Plan is coming out Friday and I have no plans for Saturday b/c I don't have to work, so yea pretty sure I'm going to go see that, it looks AWESOME, well here are the days for homecoming week so dress to impress...
Monday - Sports jersy day
Tuesday - Favorite movie day
Wednesday - Comedy day (wacky tacky)
Thursday - Disney day
Friday - Blackman sprit day
So come dressed, it shoud be an exciting week!!!

what can I say...

September 11 2005
Ok so I got this "annonymous" comment on xanga...

you're a fucking retard for trying to count how many licks to the center of a tootsie pop...you'll never get into MIT cuz you spend all your time doing this kinda shit, mater of fact, i dont think you can even count that high

and I responded w/ this...

Well I'm sorry you feel that way, I wanted to do it, I put my mind to it and did it, and so if I ever find out who you are I'll copy my acceptance letter to MIT, and give it to you, it might not happen the first year I go to college, actually I don't even want to go there right away, so if I find out who you are than I'll let you see, b/c when I put my mind to something I get it done, and trust me my mind is set on going to MIT so it's happening. Oh and you might want to rethink this whole annonymous xanga thing, granted I have one, but it is to put a person up and help them w/ there life, not to put them down, and I also have a feeling of who you are and I have a feeling your in the band, and something I put my mind to was getting into 4th period band and pretty sure it happened, and my mind is set on getting drum major next year so if you have to look at me up on that podium everyday at band camp, or everytime we have practice or we are in the stands playing on on the field performing, don't be surprised b/c I have a feeling it's going to happen...well have a nice day

< Megan >

Well I hope everyone understands where I stand, b/c I want yall to know b/c I think that you have a right too.


September 09 2005
What is love??? I say it is a fan that shows up for every football game even though they know they are going to lose, we still show up... that is love my friends, that is love.

people upset me...

September 06 2005
I'm sorry, but when you are just plain outright being mean and they realize it and they don't have a problem w/ it... ok like today someone, actually someones were doing something, and last year we learned about being a ten in band from scott lang, well these people were like oh I'm being a ten by doing this, and I just felt like screaming, "ok you think your being a ten? well how would you feel if this happened to you?" but of coarse I didn't b/c i bit my tounge, and I think that the people that did this should apoligize b/c no one diserves that, and that if you did apoligize then you would be a 11 in my eyes, and you know who you are, and then some of you are thinking what the heck? but only some people will get this, but I think they really need to know.

a bunch of randomness

September 03 2005
Ok let's start w/ yesturday night, so we got our new uniforms and I took mine out of the bag, and guess what??? they are velvet!!! And everyone else had spandex, so mellie and I were the only 2 w/ velvet, but it's ok b/c I really don't think you can tell from the stands that they are velvet, but ours are darker and mrs. monson was so mad, but mr. mieres just laughed and made fun of me the rest of the night, but he knows I know he's kidding so it's all good.

So the highest poing of the game last night was when the guys weren't even on the field... that's right halftime baby, and the funny thing is everyone was on their feet when we were doing our halftime show, but during the game they were just sitting...oh and these people made this sigh that said, "You might be able to beat our FOOTBALL TEAM, but you can't beat our BAND" so yea that was really cool and it is so true, I mean when we lose 63-0 it is kinda sad, but that is ok b/c we are always going to be there for the guys, and you are more of a fan if you are cheering for a losing team then you are for a winning team, so it must be pretty easy to cheer for riverdale b/c they always win...

But last night I saw a bunch of people I know on the RHS band, and I got to see Shayne and boy was he sweatie, but that's ok he played hard and he did good.

Well spent the night at Katie's house and I came to find that it usually isn't good to have your best friends hang out together, at least w/ me b/c all of mine are total oppisites and it's the same w/ me and Kelly who are both best friends w/ Katie, let's just say it was weird...

I hung out w/ Ali and Allysa tonight it was freaking awesome, the greatest night I've had in a while, well actually it was just last week at my party, but it was still a BUNCH of fun so that's all that matters...

Well I'm going to go to bed now, I'm tired and I need my sleep...

new orleans area

August 31 2005
Ok so this is the basics... Jefferson Parish (their counties) can go home in a week get what they NEED and then not come back for 2-3 monthes, and they are right next door to new orleans, so yea burbon street will be out of business for a couple of monthes, to bad, the partiers will live, well anyways my grandmother can't get back to her house, which is 40 minutes north and across the river from new orleans and she can't go back till tuesday, and my mom is flying into baton rouge on sunday so she can help my grandma w/ whatever is there, it might all be gone, but the builders 25 years ago were pretty good, and the sounds of it her house might be the only one around still standing, let's just hope that that it isn't as bad, well just keep the south in your prayers, b/c it isn't just louisiana, and they are saying it's the worst disaster in the USA since 9/11, so that is just showing you...

we're out of school???

August 30 2005
right now I'm not really seeing why we got out of school, but we did and that is a free day for us so that's always good

The Big Comfy Couch

August 27 2005
I wish I could be like that girl off the big comfy couch where it only takes her 30 seconds to clean a HUGE mess, b/c my house is a HUGE mess and it is taking me all day...

16th birthday

August 25 2005
my birthday was pretty good, it will be awesome on Saturday at my party, well that is about it, I have a big night ahead of me...not fun

phusebox at school

August 22 2005
so i was told today that you can get on phusebox at school...isn't that awesome??? Well I thought it was... and I will be 16 in 7 hours and 46 minutes!!!

'07 '07 '07 '07 '07

August 19 2005
So you know how seniors are guarenteed the first and the last pep rally, well class of '07 took the last one away from the seniors last year, and pretty sure class of '07 took the first one away from this years seniors, we are so on a roll, and it just goes to show, give your best and you will defeat. Well sorry seniors, good luck next time...


August 17 2005
Idk if it is that I have an early morning or that I like my teachers, or both, but my school day goes by REALLY fast, and I totally like it, it is so awesome. Well there isn't much more to say, if you have nothing to do you should come to the Oakland vs. Blackman game and see the band during half time, we are so awesome, and I'm so excited!!! Well that is about it...

I don't like hurting peoples feelings

August 14 2005
Ok so now I take it all back, I'm not the one to usually take things back all the time, but I realized b/c of a friend by the name of Miss. Jana Johnson that that last entry is harsh, and mean and I don't want one of the last things he remembers me by is she is the girl that hates me and that hurt my feelings, so sorry _______ ____, hope you will forgive me and hopefully we can still talk every once and a while.

and a little side note...I really want to see Red Eye and that movie where the woman falls asleep and when she wakes up her son is gone and isn't on the plane, idk what it is called but I'm sure you know what I'm talking about

taking it back

August 14 2005
Idk if I will hurts someones feelings by saying this, it is basically only one person I MIGHT hurt, but who cares, I take the whole I want to lay one on him thing I said 2 post ago, scratch that, it was never said even though it is there, I don't know what I think about it or him now, but not that, I don't want to lay one on him and I don't even know if I want to see him again for a very long time, but he is leaving, going off to college, and good luck to ya, you know who you are, and I guess I'll keep your going away present on my dresser until you come and get it and want it or until I go off to college and forget about it, idk, hope you don't feel hurt, but you kinda hurt me so yea...

murphy's law

August 13 2005
do yall know what that is^^^, it's when you go out to start washing car paint off your windows, you get through 2, b/c after the paint being on for about a week it's kinda hard to get off, and then of course murphy's law kicks in and you have a thunder storm that comes your way