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August 11, 2012

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this deserves a blog.

okay kids.

4 classes. not many, right? I mean, what are the chances of having class with anyone i know.

so. here's the breakdown. and for kicks and giggles, names of the people i'm spending the semester with

Music: 2 girls from my highschool(one of which was in AE tonight) Patricia Bass & Jerika Hale.

Speech: 2 girls from HS, Lacey Gooch & Jerika Hale

Intro to rec: one from my North Boulevard days/HS one from a class last semester, and one from RFC(cherie gambill, jarrod wilson, & brad fradrich)

rec for persons with disabilities: RFC, brad fradrich

some of you. . . :: cough :: anna miller :: cough :: will prolly get a kick out of this list. . .maybe, idk. . .and then the weiler woman may find it interesting as well. . .who knows

dang i gotta move. this is out of freaking control.

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oh you know

i just felt like going to the Magic Kingdom.
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i'd like to call this an update on life.

1. I let go of eric. you know, the florida boy i've been obsessed with for 8 months, who got me a SUPER SWEET LG chocolate phone, and whom I thought liked me. yea, dunzo. for now at least, the friends thing may happen later, but for the next few months, we shant be communicating.

2. In doing this, the week has been pretty crappy to say the least. well. Happiness comes in the form of Abita root beer. Ladies and gentlemen, this rootbeer can only be obtained in Louisiana, and i love it. well. so last week, my momma found it at the Fresh Market in Brentwood. I had it in RFC and I was informed by someone that it could be found in murfreesboro. I went to buy some, and the guy informed me, not only can i buy it by the case(6-pack) but that I can also acquire it by the keg. woahhhhh nellyyyyy. haha.

3. another wonderful and fabulous thing  happened that day. I contacted the Disney College program recruiter for MTSU. and he went and found out for me that my re-hire status is a YES! and that I can go back after successfully interviewing. so, summer 2007, that's the plan. yo!

4. tuesday added to the WONDERFUL happenings in my life. I got an e-mail from the lady in charge of hiring for the MTSU library computer lab, and she has one person graduating, and so she has a spot for me!!! yay! i get that job back!! I'm pumped. I need that homework time :)

5. 31 hours last week at american eagle. 25ish hours this week! yay!!

class schedule for next semester:

MW: 10:20-2:05
F 10:20-12:25
TR: 8-9:25

yay! my mom said that my luck will be that i'll have to work at 8am in the library. and she also said she'd laugh at me if that happened. so let's just hope it doesn't!

that's about it. peace out :)
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i'd like to call this an update on life.

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My Major

The semester hasn't even started and I'm considering changing my major again.

I'll make it through this semester & see what I think about the whole teaching thing. but seriously, i'm doubting it.

recreation. this major would cover disney and camp. and would involve me working with kids while being somehwere I love.

the end.
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