July 27 2006
I'm going to be on my way to michigan in about 8 hours to visit w/ my aunt, so that is where I will be till late monday night, then I am RETAKING my senior pictures on wednesday b/c they didn't turn out good AT ALL and so I called and complained and they said that I will have a chance to sit down and tell the photographer what I want, I like my indoor pics, but the ones outside just looked BAD so therefore they will be done again...well that's about all that is going on in my life, hope yall have a fabulous weekend!!!


July 24 2006
I got Color Guard Captain...

Church of Chirst...

July 22 2006

1.You have a relative, friend, or mentor at Harding.
2.You know what Fort God and Six Flags over Jesus is.
3.Your bible comes equipped with your birthday, name in gold, and date of baptism.
4.What do you mean instruments in worship?
5.You have a religious experience every time you drive through Corinth, Mississippi.
6.Your bible is in your purse (book bag).
7.Your write both your birthdays in someone’s planner.
8.You have a poster of Jeff Walling.
9.You have a crush on Jeff Walling’s son, Taylor.
10.Three words… Sex Ed Classes.
11.Keith Lancaster doesn’t scare you anymore.
12.You stand next to a hot guy incase you have to huga huga friend huga friend next to ya.
13.M.A. kids automatically get into heaven.
14.You believe your cookie is going to hell because it was sprinkled not submerged.
15.Your ‘‘what I did last summer essay” involves Mexican children or building houses.
16.All your cloths are from old navy or GAP.
17.You wear Birkenstocks year round.
18.Bikini is not in your vocabulary.
19.15+ hour bus trips are a way of life.
20.You have a home-schooled friend that doesn’t bug you.
21.You married someone you grew up with.
22.Retreat romances are not uncommon.
23.You actually like C.S. Lewis.
24.Grits isn’t a breakfast food.
25.You know what the Bison is.
26.You sing “Roll the gospel chariot along’’ and put teachers names in the devil verse
27.Yes, vegetables can talk…. And sing!
Jehovah’s witness’ come to your home and ask you if you have “found
Jesus”, you come to the door naked and say “No I haven’t, why don’t you
come on in and help me look for him?”

29.Instead of playing homemaker, you played communion
30.You marry before you get out of Harding
31.Dissfellowship is your worst fear
32.Your Sunday lunch motto is ‘’Beat the Baptist’’
33. Your daily ponder is “I wonder what the theme for Impact is for this year…”
34.Your brothers are named after apostles
35.The closest you get to dancing is when you sing “you have turned my mourning into dancing!’’
36.The girls always win “Satan was defeated!”
37.Music leads to dancing and dancing leads to making babies!!
38.You still haven’t been kissed and you are going on 25.
39.What happens at Impact stays at Impact
40.Instead of saying ‘Crap!’ you say ‘Snap!’
41.For Christmas you get the New Testament on CD BABY!
42.Instead of Saying OH MY GOD! You say “Oh My Stars”
43.You listen to Josh Groban… and enjoy it.
44.You own at least one shirt with a bible verse on it.
45.You are, have been, or are going to be in a “social club”.
46.You own Harding or Lipscomb apparel.
47.You can complete this sentence… “THREE SWINGS AND A ______”
48.You have skipped chapel before.
49. You know who Neal Pryor is…
50.Your mom went to Harding.
51.Your dad went to Lipscomb.
52.And your brother went to Abilene Christian.
53.YOU ARE IN DEBT…. Because of Harding.
54.You have a relative that lives in Texas.
55.You have been to a “ring ceremony”.
56.You are engaged, and you’re only 22.
57.You get laughed at when you explain you’re future college… and all its rules.
58.You get laughed at more when you explain what a dry county is.
59.You are well educated in BET, but you haven’t seen MTV in years.
60.You have cracked open a wedding magazine… on more than one occasion.
61. You know or love a Rieder.
62.You can finish this sentence: Zeta Rho, date a ___.
63.Your weekend consists of an edited movie in the Benson and sneaking to Heber to two-step.
64.Over half of your friends are married or engaged...and you're a sophomore in college.
65.You threw at least 2 wedding showers for girls on your hall freshman year of college.
66.Your college is fondly known as "The Marriage Factory."
67.You know what happens when you go under the bell tower...alone...and you take alternate routes to avoid it...

So all of four of you understood at least 75% of that. I'm not hardcore CoC, but I couldn't pass this up, lol.

The World Cup

July 09 2006
so I was going for ITALY...but not b/c they won b/c that is stupid, and not b/c they have pretty colors, but b/c once that FRENCH guy just headed that Italian in the stomach for NO REASON I decided to go for the nice guys, therefore I AM SO EXCITED that ITALY won, and they haven't won since 1982 (I think) so it was there turn...you got to share the love...

however it does suck that it ended in PK's but what are you going to do???


July 04 2006

Church Camp

June 19 2006
I'm at church camp called IMPACT at Libscomb university for a week, i'll be back on Friday!!!


June 08 2006

Girls State = Amazing

Girls State = Unforgetable

Girls State = Friendships

Girls State = Speachless

Girls State = Memorable

Girls State = Lifelong friends

Girls State = Can't put it into words it was that awesome!!!

Oh Graciousness...

June 05 2006
So today I went job searching, I need a job and I'm poor, so yea, right now Jason's Deli is looking the best just b/c Laura worked there and they know her and they need a cashier.
and my bank is being stupid, and it looks like I'm going to have to pay about 60 dollars for 3 checks that came out to be only about 25, yea it sucks but my mom made me feel better about it today, but it still majorly sucks
On the other hand Girls State Was AMAZING!!! I had a blast and I can't express in words what it was like, however I know that if I go to MTSU (which I don't plan too) and stay in their dorms I will have showers that are too short for me, and a room that is very much to small for all my STUFF! However the KUC Grill was good, and I ate there most of the week, I also got to see fellow Murfreesboro people so that was cool, andyways I'm done, have a great day all!

^^^This is an idea of what the week was like, I know crazy!!!

Girls State

May 28 2006
state is this week (may 28-june 3). It should be exciting, Alli A. and
Emily W are also going, but apparently we won't see ANY
of eachother b/c we are suppose to be making new friends...w/e, and
Colin K and James G are going to boys state at TTU, so yall have fun,
go crazy...but that is what I'll be doing for a week, I'm excited! Well
everyone have a great first week of summer!



May 12 2006
Ok, so I'm going to do it, I have been putting it off for about a month, and on monday, I'm going to talk to you... you probably know who you are if you put 2 and 2 together, and I have been scared and shy, which isn't often, and so on Monday I'm doing it, so if you avoid me, I'll be sad, but some how, some way I'm going to do this, b/c I need to do it, and yea, you have a phusebox, and you are my friend, so if you read your friend's post and have read down this far then you know, but yea, ok, I'm done

Drum Major Tryouts

May 11 2006

It's done...
It's finished...
I think I did good...


May 07 2006


4 Days till Drum Major Tryouts


May 03 2006
So pretty sure next year is going to be amazing, and if you didn't know, Blackman does a moving up peprally and so tech. next monday around 1:30ish I will be a senior, sosososososo scary to think about...

I remember being a freshman...
Getting lost to English class 2 DAYS in a row...
Not knowing a thing about marching and roally screwing up...
Being little and thinking the Seniors were so BIG...
However next year I'm going to be BIG...
I'm going to be looked up to...
Our class will be looked at on how to do peprallies...
If a class can take the last peprally from one class...
Then turn around and take the first one from the next senior class...
We have to be doing something right...
And we are going to rule the school...
We have seen people succeed and we've seen them fail...
We will succeed.
No questions asked.

Invisible Children Commute

April 30 2006

So we started at 8 and didn't actually get through security till about 11:30 yea, it took us 2(ish) hours to get to the church then we stood in line for another 1 and a half hours to wait for about 4 security guys to check ALL the bags you had w/ you, which for me was 3, my purse my change of clothes and my sleeping bag, then we got in, took a pic and my pic was totally screwed up b/c i think the camera was broken b/c both me and my friend's picture turned out all blurry, but anyways, then I went to the borter potty, which they were actually pretty clean, then I talked to some friends and was asleep by 1:30ish, then around 5:30 people started waking me up, not fun, but I got up and came to the Nutt house (my friend's name is Katie Nutt) so now I am here, eating a cinnamon roll and going to go watch a movie and catch up on sleep.


I was thinking about it, and I don't want yall to get the wrong impression, I had a lot of fun, and it was amazing to see everyone there to support the invisible children, and I am so glad I did it, i like to think that I made a difference, and hopefull I did, but I just wanted to make that more clear.


April 24 2006

We need 2000 people to get NATIONAL news and that is what these kids deserve, you get to sleep in the comforts of you own home everyday, they don't have the comfort, so for one night do as they do and go to this in Franklin!

Have you ever had knots in your stomach???

April 21 2006
So I have knots in the pit of my stomach and they have been there for 2 days and they won't go away, and I know why they are there, and I know what I need to do to "loosen them up" but I'm nervous about it and what I have to do, and I've NEVER felt this way before, and I want it to GO AWAY, and I had 4 chances yesterday to do it, and today I've had 3 and it's only 2nd period! I just need to get the guts up to do it, but it's getting the guts to do it that is the problem. Anyways, I'm getting off of here and going to go read or something of that nature (and hopefully build up the courage to do this thing so I can get over it!)

Easter Sunday

April 15 2006
So tomorrow will be the day that the people that never go to church go

You will see people you didn't even know go to your church

You will go out to eat with your family to celabrate Easter

But don't forget that you are celabrating Jesus coming to this earth to live and die for your sins

Easter isn't about the candy and the stuff that you get from the "Easter bunny"

It's about this, and that is all

this is weird...

April 04 2006

so i'm just like, i wonder what the other one will say, it was the last one one the counter, it says You will travel to many places, this is weird, very very weird...

fortune cookie

April 04 2006

so yea, i opened a fortune cookie that was laying on my counter, opened it and it says that^^^ yea, and pretty sure i'm going to be on my way to TX tomorrow, i find this funny, something to save for the scrapbook


April 03 2006
so i got a hair cut today, and i think i asked for it to be cut to short, i want like .5-"1 back, but i'll have to wait at least a month for that to happen :(