Hawaii Boys


Old people!!!

March 27 2006

The mom and dad came down!!!

So I got to see the old people this last week. We adventured around the island and played here and there! 

They got to give me food and pay for my food and take me to food, It was great! I didn’t get to see them all that much since I still had to work and we also had the Mississippi team in, but it was ok. On the last night, they took me out to the niece’s restaurant on the island, called Mamas Fish House” . (WOW!!!!) It was a great way to end the week, and to give me more food, since there is no way I could ever go there on my own.

I Love them soooooo much and it was really great seeing and making fun of them.


Rachael Vance

March 27 2006
aww..i'm glad that u got to see your folks! so u should be quite full for a while and won't need any more cookies or dr. pepper, right??