3 min. Figure study

January 11 2006
AHH! he doesn't have a head... haha I didn't finish in time.
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001

Paul Morgan

January 13 2006
Oh... this is the one you were talking about.... man, he does have a great back... lol

Rebecca Jensen

January 13 2006
actually I have about 3 more of the same guy and actually I toned him down and this drawing doesn't make him as muscular as he really is.

Paul Morgan

January 13 2006
oh that makes it so much better

Randy Rodden

January 14 2006
Is that a guy in a chair? cuz he doesn't have a head! therefore 3 thumbs down!

Rebekah Lewis

March 31 2006
Yeah... That's what i was wondering...