My shoes?

January 11 2006
We have to draw what? we had to do this with a piece of charcoal attatched to the end of a 3ft stick for 10 seconds then do the person's to our right and so on... at the end we had 20 minutes to come up with a finished drawing.
Originally Taken: November 30, -0001

Paul Morgan

January 13 2006
I'm sorry rebecca, but your drawing has really gone down hill... you can't even color inside the lines

Randy Rodden

January 14 2006
Ladies and Gentalmen, I give you..... The hairball.

Rebekah Lewis

March 31 2006
She told my parents about that one while I was in the room... It looks good for what it is... I couldn't draw a pair of shoes even if I really wanted to... Then again I couldn't even draw a hand if I were tracing it...