Too much caffeine

July 28 2005
Last night I couldn't sleep due to too much dr. pepper at the restaurant raid. So I stayed up and watched criss angel mind freak on tv after having heard meredith talk about the show while we were eating. Let me tell you, i'm thankful that i'm just a normal guy. Now let me tell u about this guy if u haven't heard already. First of all, he's a magician, and a pretty good one too. He's up there with david blane and david copperfield as far as his tricks go. But his main act isn't in fact a magic trick at all...its more like an insane stunt. I watched in amazement as this idiot was run over by an H2 Hummer while laying on a bed of nails....and that was one of his less dangerous stunts. It really had me going when he stuck hooks through the skin on his back and was lifted a few hundred feet off the ground by a flying in-motion helicopter. This guy is a first class idiot. He may be a trained professional idiot...but still an idiot. But I gotta give it to him...he had me I guess he does his job well. Even if his job is being a psychopath. But it just makes me all the more thankful that I have Jesus in my life and I can live for the high the his holy spirit gives me and not the the temporary rush that u get from doing something as insane as criss angel. Anyways, that's a wrap.

- Garrett

Virginia Moss

July 28 2005
first off, i love criss angel. second off, go ahead, post a message on my "i'm a bleeding heart liberal. sue me." group again. I'd like to hear a reply. geeeez.

Darth Vader

July 29 2005
your neon lights are P.I.M.P

ami driver

July 29 2005
good comment. but when i get back you're gonna have to teach poker all over again for me! =) love you..

kaitlin gay

August 07 2005
you are oh so very cool garrett haynes.. did you decide to give up aim or something? haha;; you havent been on in forever.. =) i will talk to you later..


August 07 2005
hey i finally got a phusebox, lol and the first group i joined was short people rock. lol, but u gatta get my pic on here sometime. ill ttyl cya ben


August 08 2005
well thx for the compliment!