Speeding Tickets and God's Grace

October 14 2005

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More Than You Think You Are
By Matchbox Twenty

Well today was a great day. Today in school we basically chilled all day, and we had a festival thing in the courtyard so we got out of 4th period. After school I was on my way home from the bank when I was driving down battleground drive and much to my dismay, not paying attention to how fast I was going. Sure enough I see a cop and realize that i'm going too fast so I slow my car down quickly. So he doesn't turn his sirens on but he starts to follow me. So I pull up and wait at a red light and after it turns green I start to go. I'm now "following" the speed limit and he decides to pull me over. Much to my regret, my tags were expired as well. But for some reason it was my lucky day praise God and he decides to let me off with a warning since my record was clean and my tags had just recently been expired due to my retarded car not being able to pass admissions. Tonight was the homecomeing game and me and my friends tailgated and then went to the game which was alot of fun. We got whooped, and I left after the 3rd quarter because I got a really bad migrane. So I missed the dance, but I wasn't planning on going anyway so its all good. Well tomorrow is my boy Josh Carroll's wedding! I'm excited, b/c me and John are driving up to Hendersonville for the wedding. It should be fun. Hope you guys had a great week and have a good weekend. This entry is way too long! Later -


P.S. This new version of phusebox is awesome! I am only a little disappointed that my background is gone...but I think I can definately live with all of the new features. Props to Nathan.


October 15 2005
I just wanted to tell you that your new picture is really good! It's a good thing you only got a warning...I would have freaked out! Hope you have a great week!

Chelsey Montgomery

October 16 2005
just wanted to say i LOVE that band down there.. hah.. i HAD that cd.. but my friend took it & wont give it back.. it makes me sad :[ but i LOVE that song.. hehe.. well have a GREAT week!!<3


October 16 2005
Sry u almost got a ticket... that sucks. Have a good day! Sarah

eddie sally

October 17 2005
since you dont have a cell phone, i couldnt call you to tell you that i was driving on highway 75 this weekend. i tried to look for 69 but didnt see it. i was also listening to highway 75 too.

Garrett Haynes

October 18 2005
dude that's so rad lol

eddie sally

October 18 2005
since i couldnt find 69, theres was no moreland drive

Garrett Haynes

October 18 2005
oh yeah good point lol


October 19 2005
Hey dude you looked awesome tonight congrats on winning. But next time you had better watch out because you gave me some totallt sweet ideas about what i'm gonna do and i'm sure you know one of them lol well anyway thanks for leavin me a comment it meant alot because I berely ever get comments but anyway have an awesome day i'll see ya this weekend because we have to get together before I leave on tuesday well ttyl boy bye Abi