P.O.D. - Goodbye For Now

February 16 2006

Some pics....

me and my boys at the v-day banquet

all of the servers at the v-day banquet

me and michael who looks like he's been hit in the face with a shovel

the pregnant women (and men, so help us God) at rachel's baby shower

all the guys plus rachel at her baby shower

The girls at the baby shower


February 14 2006

Well today is Valentines Day! Last night I went with Olivia to decorate Meredith's car. We filled it up with 25 baloons and wrapped it in streamers and wrote on the windows. Then I left her gift in the driver's seat. The only problem was that her jeep was locked! So I had to get Mrs. Tina next door to call Meredith's parents to come out and unlock it for me. But it was all good because she didn't find out! Thanks to everybody who knew about what was goin down and for keeping it a secret for me and special props to Oliva for helping me! Anyway, I hope that all people who don't have a "valentine" will not be depressed. But instead, fall in love with God. Fall in love with his word. He will do so much more for you. So I wish you all a great Valentines Day! God bless.

Well guess what!

February 12 2006
I just found out that my aunt had a baby and she is like almost 50 years old!!!! Can you belive that mess?!?!?! He is a boy and he's 8 lbs and 21 inches. They named him Isaac, which in my opinion is a really cool name. I mean honestly, how many Isaacs do you know? Plus its a biblical name, which is tight. So I know this is a long way down the road (about 5-7 years hopefully) and yall might question my manhood for saying this...but if my first kid is a boy, I wanna name him Jonathan Daniel. Maybe J.D. for short. What do yall think? Anyway, thanks for all of the comments lately!

Anyway, aside from that, life is goin really great. I really can't complain. I have the best friends ever. My church is awesome and it helps me grow. My bible study is 100% FYE and REAL and it REALLY helps me grow and challenges me. School isn't all that bad. Senior year is gonna be so tight though. Meredith and I are doin good and i'm blessed to be able to date her. Umm what else...oh yeah...ONE WEEKEND IS COMING UP!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! You better belive all the jerks have a title to keep on the video scavenger hunt. Well anyway, I gotta go to basketball practice...we actually made it through the first round in tournaments this year! Yeah gooo belle aire! But we are going to need serious prayer this week because on monday night (tomorrow) we play providence...and they have handed us our butts off the floor every single time. So yeah pray like the rapture is coming and your going to be left behind! Pray that hard! LOL. Yall should download "You are my Hope" by Skillet. Awesome song! Happy Valentines Day to all!


Booya Skidadee!!!!!!!!!

February 11 2006
Today is saturday! This morning I went to meredith's house to see her dress for dbs formal and then I went to pick out a tux! I chose a 2 button tux with an orange vest and orange striped tie and it is P-I-M-P! I can't wait. So yeah i'm about to go over to abi's house for rachel nadeau's baby shower! And tonight is the valentines banquet at church and i'm gonna be a table server. Hopefully I won't catch any tables on fire this year!! lol. Anyway, have a great weekend!

Walkin' by the Spirit,


February 10 2006
Thank God it's Friday!!! Happy Birthday to the one and only Kaitlin Gay! The second coolest red head ever!

Well I wish I could think of a really cool title for this entry but I can't...

February 08 2006

So sometimes...God just speaks to me. Tonight was one of those nights. God told me to do some things that were completely random at first...and I had no idea what I was doing. Then I began to see the bigger picture. Its so awesome how God will just lead you from one small thing at a time, and then suddenly you just get it. He wants you to spend time with him. He wants you to talk to him continually. So dial God's number...and never hang up. Ask yourself this question. Do I talk to God constantly? Do I eat, sleep, and breath prayer? I do. And I don't say that to brag, not to boast. But I am constantly in prayer with my God, my creator, my maker, my father. And guess what? He loves talking to me. I speak to him my mind and heart, and speaks right back. Quick story for you.

So I was worshipping tonight at diversion...but I knew that things were not right between me and God. Some conflicts had been going on prior to my being there at church, and I knew I wasn't prayed up. God just told me, suddenly, in the middle of worship, to just leave and step outside. He said "Garrett...I want to show you something." So I was like..."ok God, but I have no clue what i'm doing." But I obeyed, and left the room. Then I was pretty much clueless, looking around, not really knowing what I was looking for or where I was going. But I headed down the stairs and then proceded down the hallway. Then I stopped, and looked out the double glass doors to my left. I opened the door and stepped outside. I looked into the night and saw one of God's most beautiful creations...snow. It was pouring down. So I dialed God's number and we began to talk. It's amazing how God can use nature to remind you of things. As the snow poured down onto the black mulch I was standing on, I thought to myself. "What a great representation of God's grace." We ourselves, are black, like the dirty, filthy mulch. But the pure white snow covers over the mulch, and makes it pure and white. Then I realized why God had brought me outside. Because right then and there, I made peace with God. Something I didn't have when I walked into diversion. It's amazing how God's grace lavishes us to such an extent, that we are made pure again, despite our filthiness (sp). Then me and God had a really, really good conversation. Anyway, Just thought I would share my God speaking experience with you all. I thought it was really cool.

Student Life

February 04 2006
Student Life was so much fun! It was at long hollow baptist in Nashville and it was soooo tight. Charlie Hall lead worship and the lighting effects and the stage was just amazing. The speaker, Irwin Mckmantis, was really good also. Here are a few pics from the trip.

j-mo, alex, ami, and oliv in the auditorium before worship

me, ami, and oliv

a really good picture of oliv and ami

This was the stage of long hollow baptist where student life was at.

me and oliv

This was this crazy kid who was running around the auditorium in slow-motion. It was hilarious!

Some cool kids after lunch

me and ami

Charlie Hall leading worship

and again...

and again

ami and oliv after we ate at applebees

Me and Charlie Hall! His gotee is like a foot and a half long! I wanted to cut it off and sell it on ebay! lol

And last but not least I hope ami driver doesn't kill me for this because she didn't know I took this picture because she was obviously asleep! Lol that is the funniest thing ever!!! Ami is the greatest!

Well that's all but as you can tell it was a really great weekend!!!!!!

funny stuff

February 03 2006

Here is some funny stuff that my bro e-mailed to me. It made me laugh really hard.

Toys that are hard to find:

When the phrase "oh crap" is considered appropriate

Lol well I hope that made u laugh. That is most of them. The rest were a little too inapropriate to put on phusebox (for instance...mary kate and ashley's easy bake meth lab...lol)



January 30 2006

Some people define it as the realization that it's God's life, and not yours. Personally, I don't like that definition. I think that God has given us a life of our own, he just wants us to turn all control over to him. At least that is the way I see it.

Tonight at bibe study, was nothing short of amazing. I could really feel the presence of God in that place. Here is a kind of a long story that I told my brothers in my bible study group that I felt might be a good idea to post on phusebox, just because I am so fired up about it. It's a little long, but I hope you will be blessed by it.

Last week I was sitting in class waiting for the bell to ring and for 3rd period to end. I am just brainstorming and then I look up and a girl walks in through the door. This girl, (although I will not mention a name) looks like she has been to hell and back. Hair is a mess, mascera (sp) running down face, etc. You paint the picture. So she sits down at her desk, secluded at the back of the room where no one else sits, and begins to cry. I really felt I should pray for this girl, so I did just that. I prayed that God would send me an opportunity to encourage this person. I waited, and nothing came to mind. I think it was just one of those times where God was just telling me to pray, and there was nothing else I could do. Sometimes, being a guy, I fail to show emotion and how much I truly care. But this time, I think God was just telling me to yield to him and let him have control. Anyway, after that the bell rang, and I got up and left with the rest of the class. But then something happened. I began to think about that girl...that girl that was hurting. I started to think about all the crap she is probably going through, and I painted a mental picture in my head of her life. Then I began to look at the people around me. As I walked through the crowded hall of my school to proceed to my 4th period class, I began to think about all of the lost souls in my school. Right then and there it hit me...THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL GOING TO HELL FOR AN ETERNITY . My classmates, the people that I see, many of my friends, a few of my aquaintances, and many of my teachers. And guys, there is no way to water that down. I began to make mental x's on people's heads of all of the people that I knew would burn for eternity with the smell of sulphur and eternal separation from Jesus Christ. Then I began to cry. Tears poured down my face as I walked through the halls of my school, just looking around at people and prayer walking my school, just like I have done so many times before. I felt the burden of the sins of the Siegel High School student body. And I felt so helpless. It makes me think of what Jesus had to go through, when he was nailed to that cross. This man actually took on the sins of the entire world, something we could never even begin to fathom. But it doesn't stop there. I want to encourage every one of you to have a burden for your school, no matter where you go. Siegel, Oakland, Blackman, Riverdale...we are all one body in Christ. We cannot save souls on our own, but only THROUGH THE SPIRIT, BY FAITH. And we have a great cloud of witnesses to do it with. The facts are that we have all the tools, but the job is not getting done. So I encourage you to ask yourself where your witness is this week. Make the most of every opportunity, for His glory. At all costs.



January 28 2006


January 25 2006
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^^Me and the prittiest girl in the world!!!!!!! SHE ROCKS MY FACE OFF!!!!

Now go hit up on some JESUS!!!!

~GEEERREEETTTT ahahahahaha


January 24 2006
dang i love my friends

P.O.D. - Testify

January 22 2006

P.O.D. is coming out with their new album this month called Testify!!!!! I can't wait to get it!!! They are one of my favorite bands and they are so hardcore!!! Check out their new single called "Goodbye for Now." It is really sweet. Peace.


January 20 2006

Life has been goin pretty well. I have alot to be thankful for. In fact, I might have too much to be thankful for. Sometimes, I feel overly blessed. Then comes the fear of loosing some of the things that you have been blessed with, and the lifestyle you have built yourself around. I have really been praying that God will take me out of my comfort zone. Sometimes I get so caught up in my "group" of friends that I hardly know what's goin on in the outside world. Maybe I just need a reality check. Anyway, we lost our game last night to First United Methodist. Thanks to all the people that came out and supported us, even if u didn't get there till the 4th quarter. Like ben said in his update...True friends will always come and see u play sports, even if u are getting it handed to you. And in this case, that is pretty much what happened. I was tired and really really ticked off after the game, so I apologize if you were there and I didn't say anything to you or if I seemed like I was in a crappy mood. But anyways on the bright side of things...TODAY IS OUR HOMECOMING GAME!!!! Go Siegel! I would also like to challenge people not to go to the homecoming dance, but if u feel that u must, please keep your purity in mind. Remeber...."Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God" (Matthew 5:8). I heard this verse explained in a sermon by John Piper, and it has really stuck with me ever since. I hope it will do the same for you.

So with that being said...Keep it clean, but keep it Real!!!!



Me and Mere at the game

Cole acting like her normal self

Ben and Teeters at the game

Emily Grissom

Mere and I making dumb faces at the camera

Shelby and Teeters

John's game face...he looks stoned lol

Mere and Oliv being weird

The next time you realize that you are blessed...

January 17 2006

Remember that all blessings are blood bought through Christ Jesus our lord.

Rember that all we deserve from God is condemnation, and hell.

Remember that the only thing we should exalt in, is the cross. (Galations 6:14)

Now if that doesn't blow your socks off, u really should examine yourself.

That just makes me super happy

Bling it...what it is yo

January 12 2006
Bling Bling night was sweet. Congrats to Meredith for winning for the girls! I am the one with the dreds...in case you couldn't tell. The message about unity was awesome also.

Group photo


Haha meredith looks like a robot


Get..that...dirt off your shoulders!

a little freestyle

yeah yeah

U have to give credit to the only real black man at bling bling night...Ka$h Fo$ter

J-mo and Patroni


Abigail with her blinking dice earrings

FULL METAL JACKET! Smile for me daddy!!!

Me and the shelbonator.

Grow in Christ,

Cool Runnings! Peace be da Journey!!!!!


January 10 2006

So i'm goin to DBS formal with Meredith! Last night, after a much needed bible study, I walked out in the church parking lot and found my car covered in streamers, shaving cream, car paint (which was half smeared b/c it rained), baloons, and saran wrap. On the back window it said Formal? Haha she got pretty good. The funny thing is that I found out they were keeping a secret from me and I had a feeling that that was it but I didn't say anything! But yeah I am excited about that b/c i've never been to a formal before...and I get to wear a tux! So yeah that is gonna be tight. Hope yall have a great week! Do not forget who you are in Christ....but in case you do, I strongly encourage you to read the list below!!!!! I got them all from a booklet that clint nadeau gave me called "Who I am in Christ." I only put the ones on here that really stood out to me...and there is still alot of them and a ton more where that came from!!!!


Who I am In Christ

Because of Christ, I am...

  • able to do all things

  • accepted

  • alive with christ

  • adopted

  • anointed

  • appointed by God

  • assured of reward

  • Baptized into Christ

  • Beautiful

  • Becoming a mature person

  • Blessed

  • Bold and Confident

  • Born-again

  • Chosen

  • Cleansed

  • Confident

  • Dead to sin, alive to God

  • His Deciple

  • Disciplined

  • Encouraged

  • Equipped

  • Eyes fixed on Jesus

  • Filled with Joy

  • Free

  • Gifted

  • Given all things

  • Granted Grace by Christ Jesus

  • Guided

  • Honored

  • Hope fixed

  • Indestructible

  • Inseperable from His love

  • Justified

  • Known

  • Laying aside the old self

  • Light of the world

  • Made alive with Christ

  • Member of his body

  • New creation

  • Not given a spirit of fear

  • On the winning side!!!!!!!

  • Perfect and complete

  • Prayed for

  • Protected

  • Qualified to share His inheritance

  • Redeemed

  • Rejoicing

  • Renewed

  • Salt of the Earth

  • Sanctified

  • Set free

  • Soldier

  • Strong in the Lord

  • Treasured

  • Unafraid

  • Understood

  • United with Christ

  • Valued

  • Victorious!!!!!

  • Washed, sanctified, justified

  • His witness

  • His worshiper

  • Yielded to God

We lost...

January 07 2006

Well we lost to oakland last night for the first time. Mmmm...shame. If you are a true nation fan like me, you were extremely disappointed. But, I am not gonna sit here and make up garbage about the game like the refs won it for them. B/c that is crap, they beat us fair and square. But wait till districts, because Oaklands little victory will be short lived. So Oakland people, if u read this, don't forget who beat u 4 times in a row last season. But I guess you guys were due for a win. The game itself, was nothing short of amazing. The 4th quarter had me on the edge of my seat. After the game, it was absolute chaos. I almost ran over like 3 black guys and a skinny white boy who decided to run out in front of my moving vehicle and give his girlfriend a hug. You can bet that I lost all sense of christian behavior and gave that guy a honk and told him to read between the lines! But Shelby, who was in the car with me, stopped me before I did or said anything too stupid. Anyway, that was my friday night. A little disappointing to end on, but it was really alot of fun. Enjoy the weekend guys.



January 01 2006
Well I just had the best New Years Party of my life. And it did not include alcohol, drugs, sex, or anything too stupid (with a few exceptions to the stupid part). Me, Ben, Alex, John, Gibelyou, Forrest, Faust, Ami Driver, Amy Roeger, Meredith, Olivia, Shelby, Abi, and Kaitlin all went over to alex's house and partyed it up untill about 2 am. Wow it was so much fun. I have all the pics in my photobox if you want to take a look at them, they are really great. I hope you guys had a great new years! I'm not a fan of resolutions but if you guys have any weird or unusual or cool ones, tell me b/c I always like hearing that kind of stuff! Also, things are starting to look up a little in the drama section. People are beginning to act like christians and reconcile with one another, so praise God for that. I will be interested though to see how it all turns out...even though I hate it when my life looks more like an MTV reality show. But anyway, this entry is long enough, and i'm just ragging now. So catch yall later gators, and happy new years.

Here's some of my favorite pics from last night. To see the rest, check my photobox. Enjoy.

Drama...u don't want no DRAMA

December 31 2005

Well first of all...My ACT score turned out to be a pile of SUCK. I made an 18, but I guess I didn't expect to do well the first time. It comepletely sux to be a good student who almost makes straight a's and then bomb a test like that. I really don't wanna take it again...but that's life I guess.

Well christmas break has been good for me, but for some of my friends it hasn't. The D word is starting to tear some friendships apart. DRAMA I mean. People are so immature. Although they are my friends, and I love them, sometimes people just cannot see the light. I try to do my best not to get involved when drama comes up. Sometimes, however, it is nearly impossible to avoid. But i'm glad i'm not in the middle of it this time. However, I will be in prayer for those who are.

 In Christ,

Well hello again phusebox...

December 29 2005

Well I guess it's about time. Let me run u through my christmas break real quick.

Here's the 411....

Its been a sweet break. Saw some relatives, hanged out with great friends, got to spend some time with Meredith, and got alot of chill time. So yeah its been great. For Christmas I got a digital camera, which is really nice. I also got this awesome poker set which is really cool. I can't wait till Passion '06 I am really pumped about that. Well I guess that is it for now. I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their break.

   - Garrett


December 17 2005

Feliz Navidad!!!!!

It needs to snow...

So this morning me and my bible study group, which consisted of clint, ben, michael gibelyou, rhett moser, and myself, went to the mall this morning at 10 am. So what were we doing there at 10 am? We went prayer walking. It was a great experience. Have u ever just walked around a public place and prayed for the people around you? We prayed that God would open up opportunities of conversation with people, and to be real with people. And we actually did get to talk with a few people just about what Christmas is really all about, and not this "Americanized" version of it where everybody is rushing to get everyone a gift. AWESOME experience. The feeling you get from the Holy Spirit when he is telling you to be bold and you do, is really amazing. You can't beat it with a stick. Well that's about all.

Crossfade - Colors

December 15 2005
Yeah this song is tiiiiiiiight!

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Capitol Punishment

December 14 2005
With the recent exection of Tookie, this has been a big issue. I will not give you my opinion on this subject, because not everyone would agree. But I want to know yalls thoughts on the Tookie case and whether or not you think he deserved the sentence he got. Josh Hornbaker made a good point...he said that whether or not this man was guilty of the 4 murders he was charged of....he is still responsible for all of the retaliation between the bloods and the crips gangs. So leave me your thoughts.

Something for High School students to think about...

December 13 2005

Something I read from the book "Stop Dating the Church" by Joshua Harris.

When choosing a college to go to...have u considered where you will go to church? Where you go to church is even more important then where u will go to school. While choosing a college, take great consideration about the local churches. A college may present opportunities to challenge you in your walk, but only a church can grow u in your walk.