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Guitar, piano, horses.

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2 many 2 name

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His Dark Materials Series

did u think i dies?

July 27 2006
well no i didnt die, i just have no internet. but wes does and he so graciously let me use his. hes the best lol. but anyway, anytime anyone wants to hang out this week please call me cuz i dont work but 2morrow 7:30am-3:30pm then i dont work again til wednesday so holla at me people! i miss u all, is it jus me or can i not wait for school to start? life has taken some unexpected twists lately and im kinda confused about what God is wanting me to do in life at the moment so people please pray for me! thanks i love you all!


July 27 2006
Hmmm... maybe we can do something on Saturday... I'll call you if that's looking like a possibility...


July 27 2006
Same cell number? Because I have tomorrow off.


July 28 2006
i'm kinda confused as well and am definately ready for school to start. i would be sad if had died. i would hang out, but i gotta work. sorry.


July 28 2006
oh ya, have a great day

the brian king kenobi

July 28 2006
i'll holla atcha