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europe trip synopsis

June 25 2008

Just for you Carmen lol:

We flew into London. When we first got there, we went to Chislehurst Caves. It was pretty cold, and Keri was really scared. She hung onto to me the whole time. Our tour guide told us all these ghost type stories about the caves. The caves were used in WWII and were built by the Druids. Our first hotel was okay. It was a yachtish thing, but it was kind of small. It was better than some of the hotels (or hostel) we stayed in. Our very first meal in Europe was disgusting. They gave us a meat pile and mushy rice stuff. Literally. Keri didn't even like the rice which is very surprising since rice is like her favorite food. The next day we took a tour of Europe. We got to see where parts of the scenes of Diagon Alley of Harry Potter were filmed. We had to walk a lot. Some guy said we hit his car with our bus, so our bus driver had to get out. They argued for a while. Pretty funny. We saw the changing of the guards and Buckingham Palace. The queen wasn't home though. We went to the Tower of London which was one of my favorite places of the trip. We rode the London Eye, the largest ferris wheel in the world. When we were on it, we saw a naked couple (except for towels) on their balcony. You would think they'd know that lots of people would see them so they must not care. We met with a former member of parliament. It was pretty boring, and Keri fell asleep. While we were shopping, a girl in our group passed out. They brought the ambulance, and people were stopping to take pictures. We saw The Lord of the Rings musical which was definitely my favorite thing. We had to literally run there because dinner was a lot longer than we thought it would be. During an intermission type thing, actors came out into the audience. They were reall scary looking. I didn't want them to touch me so I started climbing over Keri. She told me to sit down so they wouldn't see I was scard and come back there. They were bothering someone in the front row (we were in the 4th row), and they made this really weird sound, so I started to climb back over Keri. They saw me and came back there. I literally jumped into Keri's lap. (As she likes to put it - went monkey on her.) After they left and I was getting back to my seat, I fell in the floor. It was pretty funny afterwords though. We went to this JFK memorial. The Steps of Individuality and the Seat of Contemplation were there. Pretty important. lol We got to go to Oxford. It was so pretty, and there were bicycles everywhere. They have this really big library and reading room that are connected by an underground tunnel. At Oxford, Keri and I got to see where the banquet hall scenes of Harry Potter were filmed. That night we went to Warwick Castle. Our tour guide person was very into character. He yelled at this girl in our group that got stung by a bee (she's allergic) and said he didn't care if she dies. He told her afterwords he was embarressed though because he didn't really realized what was going on. We learned how to stick fight, and Keri and I sword fighted. It was pretty darn cool. We had to stay overnight though, and it was absolutely freezing.  The next morning we got to look around the castle. Keri and I climbed 530 stairs in the tower and ramparts part. We dubbed ourselves stair masters. We went to Stonehenge which was actually pretty cool considering. Keri made friends with a bird and named it Sir Winston. We had to ride a ferry over night to France. There were four people to a tiny room. The room was so small we couldn't even have our luggage with us. Our first day at France was in Normandy. We went to a muesum about WWII. We also went to Normandy beach and the American Cemetary. Being there made me stop and think about how many people lost their lifes. There are exactly 9,387 perfectly alligned white markers at the cemetary. We had a wreath laying ceremony while they played the national anthem and taps. We got to go to the Palace at Versailles which was absolutely beautiful. The gardens were huge. We also went to the Louvre which has the Mona Lisa. We saw Notre-Dame. The next day we went to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is pretty ugly. It's this really ugly brown. Not a nice black like a though it would be. We got more shopping time - 4 and a half hours to be exact. Extremely pointless. We did manage to get some amazing ice cream. The girl that was walking around with us got Whiskey ice cream. Keri tried it and said it was nasty. We went to this one food place. The girl that was with us didn't know her pin number for her card. The people at the cafe ran her card twice. They didn't speak English so we couldn't tell if she had paid for the food or not. So we just left. We still don't know if she stole the food or paid for it twice. In Belgium we went to a chocolate factory. We tried some chocolate, and it was delicous. We also saw the Peeing Boy statue. We only got to spend one day in Belgium. Sad. In Holland we went to a cheese and clog farm. They had some really good cheese. Our last two nights of the trip we had to stay in this hostel thing. Pretty scary. Our first room was horrible so we had to get another one. It was half the size as everyone else's in our group. There were also stains on the beds and mold in the shower. Extremely gross. So we had to go wake our delegation manager up at midnight to tell her we couldn't stay there. I think the place had to be an insane asylum previously because it smelled all sterile and there were bars on the windows. Our last day we went to Anne Frank's house. That was another one of my favorites. We couldn't take pictures though which was kind of sad. We walked through Amsterdam which had bicycles everywhere!


Overall the trip was pretty great. The people were pretty cool although some of them were pretty iffy characters. Keri had to room with a few of them, but I got lucky and never had to. A lot of the people wanted to sneak out every night. And they did a few times. There were a few girls who even wanted to sneak and with a college guy and get a cab to Amsterdam the last night. One of the girls go drunk while we there. I made a few friends. Our delegation manager, Clair was the best. Without her, we'd probably still be wandering around the London airport. Our leaders were a little less than competent. One of leaders sniffed every five seconds. His wife was one of our leaders too. She treated him like her son. We hardly ever left behind a kid in our group. It was always a leader. They were so slow. Great conversation topics though. lol The guy was such a goof. He never knew what he was talking about. I can't even count how many times someone in our group almost got ran over. They drive so crazy over there. They really only drive on the left side of the rode in England. I thought they drove on the left side everywhere in Europe. Everytime we would cross a street, we'd have to run across especially if we wanted to stay together since there were 40 of us.


Sorry this was so long. It was about two weeks though. So if you read all this kudos to you! I'll probably think of some more stuff soon...


June 25 2008
Oh I did remember one thing. None of the hotels we stayed in had washers so Keri had to help me wash my clothes in the bath tub. I wanted my stuff to dry fast so I put it in the microwave. Bad idea. I burnt one of my tank tops.

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June 25 2008
lol hilarious

At the Crossroads of Life

June 27 2008
It sounded like you had a very interesting trip.