Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

January 22 2006
I went to go see Underworld 2 today. I went with one of my church friends. I thought it was good, she didn't understand it (she hasn't seen the first one), and Ms. Denning and Jesse thought it was great.... Yup, I saw them at the movie theatre. The movie was good, but I don't know, I think the music could have been better, personally. I think I am going to go see Hostile next weekend. I don't know... Movies haven't been the same for me; granted, nothing really has been the same in a long time. Anyways, I have been listening to Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang; you know, the "you and me baby ain't nothin' but mammals" song. Well, ttyl.


January 10 2006
I love the song Happy? by Mudvayne. I think I have literally listened to it  more than 100 times this past week. Anyways, that is all that is new. Ttyl

My New Year's Resolution *dang this is long*

January 01 2006

  My New Year's Resolution is to show compassion and mercy. Lately, I have been in an abnormal mood: happy. Strange, don't you think? The only downside about this is when I am, nice and what not all the gall darn JROTC girls flirt and expect it back. I hate it! I do not like rotc-girls, I actually find it disgusting, no offense to any of them. I just don't find girls who and tough and manly attractive. I guess I am old fashion. Although, I have made the mistake in dating a few, but that never lasted long. To be honest the only JROTC girl I can stand is Sarah, that is only becuase she doesn't really act like one. I think another thing that gets on my nerves is the way the JROTC girls walk, and there is a difference; it is just hard to explain. How did I get on to this, anyways?

Any who, without getting into too much detail, my break, both of them, was a much needed and successful in what I wanted to do with it, well, most of it was anyways. The only real downside to this break was I gained a little weight (although, I haven't checked, I feel like I have), and my body feels a little on the impure side, but when school starts, it'll make fasting and training easier.

Tomorrow, I am going out to eat with a friend, a mentor from church, and going to go see a movie with a bunch of friends from church. So, all of that will be funny and a good ending to a great break.

I stayed up last night to watch the ball drop, then I drop into my bed. I was dead tired, and I do not think I dreamed at all. I had to make a trip to Target at 6 o'clock last night for a blender and CD-RW. The blender because our other one broke and my mom want to make more grasshoppers (ice-cream shake with Cream Da'Mint *alcohol*). 

I also found out that if I am left alone for too long, I start to think way too much. Hahah, yeah, yeah, a guy thinking too much is not alot, but I mean it, too much idea flowing through my little male brain that is drives me insane and I need a brain-drainer (TV, computer, that sort of a thing).

I think that is enough writing and probably errors. Ttyl

Slaughter.... ?? Yeah, I need help.

December 14 2005

   Today was just really depressing. First, I found out that I lost fourteen pounds in one week. Yeah, not good, but at least I know that is because I have never been as depressed as I am now. Secondly, I am starting to feel weird about certain things. Things that I once enjoyed, now just seem strange. Perhaps, I am just growing up or the depression is hitting harder than I thought. Thirdly, I have a 75 in Physics without the three points, the test we just took, and the corrections I did today. So, I have a feeling it will not be good. Finally, break is coming up and I am not allowed to see her outside of school or technically at all, so as if I haven't had a hard enough time, triple it and you get what I will be going through.
   I also had an extreme urge to slaughter people today. Not just hurt or kill, but slaughter and torture certain people... ... I REALLY need to go see someone about this.

"Dammit, Death, I win once again!" LoL

December 10 2005

Life is, well, life is.... horrible? That is seems too much of an understatement. I suppose the worst thing is that I have no idea, whatsoever, where I stand. Yet, God snuck some humor in there as always. To the story:

So there I was, climbing a tree on a nice long hike, when all of a sudden, something happens (still have no idea what) and I am falling from 25ft in the air! I already decided earlier that day I would just let life take its course, so I didn't try to stop from falling. I'm falling and tree limbs are passing by me when I suddenly stop. The very last limb on the tree caught my pants and tore my pants until it balled up and stopped. So there I was, swinging from a tree branch from one leg upside down and I was looking around. I realize right then what just happened, and I was laughing my head off while swinging from the tree branch. The first thing that comes to my head was, "Dammit, Death, I win once again!' very sarcasitcally and continued to laugh so hard I feel tears coming to my eyes, then I fell from like three feet onto my head. LoL

That has to be the funniest thing that has ever happened to me.

AH-HA! So that is what that button does! ... Oops!

December 08 2005
Well, so I basically have got the handle on this thing. Today was heck, too much JROTC stuff, and on top of that I got in trouble for being insubordinate and swearing in uniform. Say La Vi, or some French thing like that; anyways, it means that's just life. I have a lot more to say, but people normally don't read LOONG posts. So, I will save the rest for another time. LoL Some funny stuff, too!

Where is the steering wheel????

December 06 2005

So, umm, yeah... Anyways, I got this to upload pictures onto my xanga background.... the question is... how do you work this thing??? *pushes random buttons* ....*beep*...Uh-oh.... this can't be good...