crazy storms!

July 21 2006

So this storm happened today, right? Old Time Pottery was without power for 25 mintues and everything was running off batteries. (The first time the lights went out, it was really dark, when they came back on Mallory and I were holding each other, twas funny.) They batteries only go for 30 minutes and right before they were going to run out of power, the store came back to life.

I was pissed.


July 19 2006




July 18 2006
It amazes me how much can change over the course of one week.


July 15 2006
The old has become new.

my name is Four-eyed Pete.

July 13 2006

So being a really slow day at old time pottery tonight, Mallory and I have decided to become pirates.

Our pirate names are Salty Sally (Mallory), Four-eyed Pete (me), Captain Pink Beard (Mitch, the head cashier), Tipsy Marie: the tavern wench (Tonya), and Drunken Pegleg Schme McGie (Stephanie). Our ships name is the Rusty Russian. Supposedly my job on the ship is to sit in the crows nest and yell "There ain't nothing out there!" all the time. It was really funny...we said "arr" to each other all night.

Being pirates, we had to have a treasure chest. Well, Captain Pink Beard went to McDonalds and got the treasure chest toy, so Salty and I decided we would go get our own. We drove to the McDonalds close to OTP but, alas, they only had the blow up sword. So we drove to the one close to where Salty lives...and they said they had the telescope thing, so we decided to get that one. After waiting in like for like 5 minutes (in the freaking drive through) we get up and ask again, if they had the treasure chest. No, she said they didn't get that in till next week. So we were like "ok, whatevs" and got our happy meal. What was in it? A freaking red bandana. I was pissed. "No, we only have the telescope." Grr. So we're going to find out where Captain got his tomorrow...and go get it.

The end.


shopping, yay!

July 12 2006

So my sister and I went shopping, it was great! We went to Kohls and she picked out this great comforter that was on sale, I was proud. It's grey and navy (school colors), two sets of grey sheets, some towls and wash cloths, and yeah...a big limegreen jolly rancher pillow. She was good and found everything that was on sale, so she saved me lots of money. Jeff (the roommate) and I are going to shop for his stuff tomorrow, as well as go to OTP and get some stuff I can get cleaning and bath stuff.

I'm kinda dreading leaving on the 15th of August to move into my dorm. I'm going to miss people...mostly Tyler. He's going to make living in Memphis really hard, until he gets there (hopefully) atleast. We're going to go eat lunch together on Saturday, I hope. He's doing band camp stuff (as he is drum major) and is doing his second semester of English for summer school (he's graduating early) so I don't get to see him during the week anymore. Oh well, we'll find a way to see each other, we have been for the past four months.

All college people should get on facebook and be my friend.

PotC2, yay!

July 10 2006

I saw Pirates dos tonight at the drive-in, wow it was amazing! I can't wait till the 3rd movie to come out. Ok, so I'm sure you guys are like "well, how'd you like the music?" cuz you know I only go see a movie if I think the soundtrack will be good. I'm quite happy with what he did with the score, I liked very much how he used much of the music from the first movie and carried it over, while still adding new stuff. The part with Davy Jones playing the pipe organ on the ship was too cool. I'm quite pleased with the movie over all.

A group of middle school girls came in OTP on Friday and whistled at was funny. When they left they said "bye Kyle!" and all the other cashiers were laughing. Hehe.

Grr Tyler and having to go do drum major junk this week as well as finishing up his English class in order to graduate early. I was hoping he could come shopping with me tomorrow to get dorm junk and come back to my house and watch a movie. Oh well, I might go out on limb and have my sister tag along. We've never hung out before, isn't that crazy?! Well, I think that with me going to college in Memphis this fall, it's something that we should do. I think after we go to the mall and Kohls for a lil while, I might take her to Bath Junkie and get some new bath wash...we've both used all of it, lol.

long time, no blog. (this is long.)

July 07 2006

Ok, so work as been less hellish. I guess having your two days off makes it not so bad.

Fourth of July was great! It was also Tyler's and mine 4-months of being together, and it was the first one that we got to spend together, so that made it even more special. It was so nice sitting with him and watching the fire works at MTSU. We held hands going back to my car and supposedly someone shouted the F word at us...but it didn't do anything. It reminded me of that one thing going around on myspace about why is it that peope are more scared seeing two guys holding hands than they are around two guys holding guns?. We ate at Demos' and it was yummy.

Wednesday I had that little recording thing and it went very well. They were pleased with me, so I'm glad I made them happy. I left from there and went to Tyler's. It was so cute! I got there and found him, his mom, and sister all in the sister's bedroom playing with the dog. I got all warm inside when Rylee (the sister) was like "come in here with us!" She is too cute- and very country.

I woke up and saw that Tyler and left without leaving a note and I was kinda confused. I dunno, I got kinda mad and left him a note and just drove around for a while because I didn't know how long he would be but I saw him driving home so I turned around. I felt bad, he had went to get me flowers and breakfast. He's so sweet. We ate on outside on the patio. We then left for Opry Mills.

So yeah...Tyler having lots of money in his pocket and being around lots of clothing stores is very funny. The boy's gay side came out. Haha. He spent like, $140. I'm not saying it's bad, he got some really cute clothes. We had dinner at TGIFridays, yum. I drove his car home and he slept, it was cute. He held my hand the whole way home.

So we get back to his house and he puts on all of his clothes so I could see what they all looked like and compliment them. Come to find out he had senior pictures the next morning, so we spent the next 30 or so minutes picking out clothes, getting all his stuff (a trombone, a trumpet, flag, sabre, riffle, clarinet, lots of music books, 4 batons, goes on) together. He had some good throwing some music out, him laying in the middle surround by his horns and guard stuff, with the picture being taken from the top. I can't wait to see them. But yeah, we watch E.T. with Rylee. <3 I was supposed to go back home Wednesday night...but I didn't. I mean, would you want to go home at midnight when you live an hour away? No. So I just stayed the night again.

Woke up this morning with him and his sister in the bed talking. They're so cute together. She calls me "bubba's best friend" and it's so cute. Tyler refered to me as her brother-in-law and she was like "y'all should get married" I mean, how cute is that? Had to leave in kinda a rush, Tyler was almost late for his pictures so he left before I did, oh well.

I almost fell asleep a few times driving home...not good. I made it home in one piece though, thankfully. I took a nap for around an hour and a half before work. I got to leave at 8 tonight, rather than 9. Having superiority is good :-)

So here I am, I just had a yummy frozen pizza and found out that my granny got me a lil fridge and microwave for my dorm. I move in August 15th. Wow, it's not far away at all. I'm going to be sad when it's time to leave. I'm going to miss all the high school stuff, the marching band, the band directors, my old friends, my family...and most of all Tyler. It's going to be hard living 5 hours away from him and not being able to see him once a week like we've been doing for the past four months. Hopefully we can make it work and keep the fire going during the school year and pick back up next summer, and then keep it going because he'll be with me in Memphis...I hope. He has a few choices picked out...but I know for sure he'd go to Memphis for free...with his grades, ACT, music, and all that government stuff, he'll be getting paid to go there. We'll see though.

OTP craziness

June 29 2006

We got crazy at Old Time Pottery today. My ghetto friend, Jamie, and I were the only two cashiers tonight. We called each other names and ended up with me in a headlock and her sitting on top of me. It was great. Linda, the old head-cashier just sat there laughing at us. My new name is Daphnie (given by Jamie).

I've recently learned that going to bed sooner, and getting up earlier makes one feel much better. This, shall be a habbit.

Tyler, the amazing person he is, got his ACT scores back today. If you're on myspace you should leave him comments ( because he might be going to college for free. Not just tuition, but tuition, room and board, books, everything. I'm quite proud of him.

Confessions and recovery.

June 28 2006

Everything in Memphis went very well, I'm schedualed for my first semester of classes, I have 16 hours and the dean of the college of fine arts told me that it won't be difficult.

I have the most amazing person in my life. Everyone remembers Tyler right? Well we've always had a kinda bumpy relationship. I thought that all the bumps were out for a while, after what happened last month. It was going great, but I caused a large bump this time. This is why I deleted my myspace profile, it was basically taking over my life and causing many personal problems. I had told myself that I was going to take care of it myself, Tyler wouldn't find out and he wouldn't get hurt. This first part I did. He also found out and saw the evidence. This hurt him very badly, and it hurt me too that I was the one which hurt him. I went to see him today because I wanted to talk about everything so we could get over this and see where it left us. Basically, I felt what love feels like today. I was crying and he was holding me, I just can't describe how it felt. I know he loves me, and I love him. I have also lied to him and hurt him. I'm going to try my hardest to make it up to him and show him that I really do love him as much as he loves me. I know we'll be fine. This boy is a keeper. There's other stuff that went on, but I don't think a blog is the place to put it.


oh yeah! I got called to go into a recording studio and record this guys music w/ some other people. I'm so excited!

in memphis till wednesday

June 22 2006

So I'm in Memphis this weekend, for a marching band meeting and then orientation on Monday and Tuesday. I'm staying at Abby's house and we're being nerds till Saturday.

Today, we played duets from some kids at a camp, I think they liked it. We used the stanard duet book that all of the high school players have. They liked the little duet that sounded like pirate music. We also let them try out our horns, it was great. I'm told that the camp is Christian based for kids that live in not so great family situations, it made me feel good that I gave them something to he happy about.

But yeah, I deleted my profile on myspace because it was causing me problems, so if any of you are on there...that's why I'm no longer on your friends list.

I'm back.

June 16 2006

I totally love new york!

I saw lots of horn players walking around on the street, randomly, it was funny. I saw the julliard school (I want to go there now) and the lincoln center (we watched the ballet and gay men's chorus rehearse) and WICKED!!!!

Yeah, it was fun...for pictures and more of what I did, e-mail me or something.

and my roommate is...

June 06 2006

So Jeff called me today and told me that the room change happened and we're roommates now! Yay! I'm so excited that we get to go to Old Time Pottery and use my discount of 15% wootwoot. That store has everything...

I'm going to Nashvagas tomorrow morning, yay. I'm also getting my haircut...not so yay. Who might be the last one for a while. Lol. Lyndsey thinks that I should not cut my hair while away to make my mom upset...but send home pictures of me slowly turning into a gungy-grunge. I laugh. Rire.

New York on Monday!!! I can't tell you guys how exciting that is! I'll be going to see Wicked and some other show...not sure which one yet...but that's about all I'm excited about, lol. Sure, Statue of Liberty....but I mean, WICKED, on BROADWAY!! Woot. It's like sold out until 2007 now, I dunno how we got tickets.

After that, I get to come home for like...4 days and then leave to Ms. Kattentidt's house. That shall be hardy-har-har. We're supposedly going to help at this camp for kids that come from not so great homes, and play for them. [Pirate music.] The next day, we're supposed to go to the lake and take fun pictures of us being dumb. Friday I assume I shall teach her how to waltz like a mo'fo as we go on our "date" hehe. Marching band junk on Saturday along with Family Guy (hopefully), driving to Arkansas for lunch w/ Abby's horn friend on Sunday. Sunday night and Monday I assume is orientation unless things change or I have my dates wrong, oh well.

Ion Balu e-mailed me saying he was going to send me a "Got mutes?" shirt and a coffee mug along with my mute. Hehe, I love my Romanians.

parents are blah!

May 26 2006

So I love how if my parents want to tell me something, they e-mail rather than talk to me at home. Anyway, so my mom is yelling at me through an e-mail about being a slacker during high school and how we won't have money to pay for books and junk. Bull crap. My mother is so out of touch with the college stuff. She thinks that we have to buy new books. No, we don't that. Oh well. She doesn't think that I'll be able to pay for stuff, she'll see.

Ren Fair on Monday with Tyler! I CAN NOT WAIT!!! I also get Wednesday and Thursday off. I can't wait for that either...

I get to work from 3-11 till Saturday...gross.

the pretty fields

May 21 2006

I'm considered an alumni now. How cool.

I have new work hours, they are Monday/Tuesday 4-9, Thursday/Friday 3-11 (wow, that's a long time.) I'm glad though...I'll start getting fat paychecks to fund my college life.

I think I've decided to just live the dorm because I won't want to miss out on that experience (even though Matt says it sucks). I'm going to try to find a cool roommate (whom also has money) so we can share an apartment together, because I don't want to stay in the dorms longer than I have to...unless I like it. I'm calling housing tomorrow so I can get Jeff hooked up into my room.

I went to a graduation party tonight hosted by my Japanese friends, and randomly, my Mexican friends were there too. Pictures to come.

I'm going to bed.

yay for birthdays!

May 18 2006

So thanks to everyone who called/commented/messaged me a happy birthday, and to those of you whom sympathized with me about Tori.

So I found out today that I might be moving to Memphis at the end of June. GASM!!! The end of freaking June! So close is the end of my time as a kid, and approaches the beginning of my adulthood. I can't wait though, it will be a lot of fun being able to go there, learn my way around and not have to worry about school yet; sad because I wanted to spend time with people longer, but that's life.

Band concert @ 7!!!

The Worse Day Ever

May 16 2006

This is the worse day of my life. I don't know how to explain it other than how it happened.

I was supposed to take my dog (Tori) to the vet at 1:00. She jumped out of my car and ran into the street, getting hit by a car. I've never seen anything so aweful. The vet brought her inside and told me that her heart was still beating, but they were going to put her to sleep. The bastard that hit her didn't even stop. If I had just put her on a leash like any person with a brain, this wouldn't have happened. My parents say that it's not my fault, that it could have happened to them, but they keep her on a leash.

Things just won't be the same around here anymore.

 Tori: Febuary 14, 2000- May 16, 2006

69 random questions

May 11 2006

1) Do you have a penis?
yes, I believe I do

2) Do you pray?

3) Are you in love?

4) Ever wish on stars?

5) Do you believe in karma?

6) What's your zodiac sign?

7) Have you ever almost died?
lol, yes

8) Ever broken any bones?
I don't think so

9) Do you cry during sad movies?

10) Do you like to dance?
um...I can monkey dance...

11) Ever laid under the stars?

12) Ever sat on a rooftop?

13) Is there a such thing as a soul mate?
I think so

14) Could you live without the television?

15) Could you live without music?
def not

16) Do you have any self inflicted scars?

17) What do you dislike the most about life?
I can't control it

18) Have you ever been to jail?

19) Ever had a job for less than a day?

20) Ever been fired on your first day?

21) Ever been fired because of your attitude?

22) Do you get jealous of other people?
not really

23) Would you rather love someone or be loved?
be loved

24) What's under your bed right now?
um...bags, shelves...and picture frames

25) Ever done anything illegal?
yes, but nothing major

26) Have you ever been dumped?

27) Ever dumped somebody?

28) How cool are you?
um...I sit on my butt all the time, if that's cool then I guess I'm quite cool

29) Do you support abortion?

30)Do you believe in God?

31) Did you graduate high school?
I will on may 20th

32) Do you wear the same clothes two days in a row?
pants sometimes

33) Have you ever driven someone crazy?
I'm sure I have

35) Ever done the Macarena?
omg, it's so fun...

36) Do you act your age?
I'm told that I act 30

37) Is it okay to disrespect your parents?
not unless they're crazy

38) Do you flush the toilet when you're done?

39) How long do you stay in the shower?
10 minutes?

40) What kind of soap do you use?
irish spring, yum

41) Are mullets cool?
ew, nast

42) Spiderman, Batman, or Superman?
Spiderman, he's hot

43) Do you like your middle name?
yeah, I suppose I do

44) Has anyone ever cheated on you?

46) What's your favorite animal?
I like the moose

47) Favorite flower?

48) Have you ever shaved your head?

49) Do you think marijuana should be legal for medicinal use?
sure, I really can't say

50) Do you think it is okay to drink and drive?

51) If you won $1 million dollars, what would you buy first?'lly a house...and a new horn, lol

52) Do you fear terrorism?
not really

54) What's your favorite candle scent?
hm...something orange

55) Do you use profanity?
only when I drive...and when I practice

56) Who's the last person you talked to on AIM?
on AIM? I don't really use AIM anymore...Jeffery I guess

57) What's something you're ashamed of?
my lack of intellegence

58) What woke you up last night?
the demon that took over my sister and my cell phone

59) What did you dream about last night?
a demon that possessed my sister and sent me random text messages. it also sent me a voicemail of him playing my piano. hey, the demon isn't that bad...

60) Ever been to the zoo?

61) How many beers did you have today?
I don't drink, so none

62) What's the last movie watched?
hm...the princess bride @ Tyler's house...a while ago

63) Are you usually late or on time?

64) What's a cartoon you watch often?
family guy

65) Do you have any imaginary friends?

66) Are you waiting on something right now?
I don't think so...

67) Who's pretty?
hm...I have a few

68) Who's ugly?
ron jeremy, lol

69) Are you worried about something?


May 09 2006

Ok, so I'm at home and not at school, very bored. I think I think I'll just type until I run out of things to say.

SO I went to get my eyes checked today. Apparently it is very common for people with the same vision that I have (he didn't tell me what it's called) to get worsen over time. He said that I didn't notice any change today, but next time there would probably be some. This kinda worries me, but not to much. I asked my mom what she thought about lasik eye surgery and she didn't seem to mind if I ever wanted to get it done. It would make things easier not having to have glasses/contacts all the time. We ordered new glasses for me, yay.

I guess I should mention why I'm not in school. So I had the eye appointment at 8. Sure, I could have gone to school, but I would just be leaving at 1 anyway, and I would have missed the only class that I actually did stuff in, so I figured I'd stay home.

Anyway, on my way home from the doctor's, there was the HUGE wreck where I usually turn into my neighborhood. Like, the fire dept, ambulances, and 10 police cars were all over the place. I got a peek at two of the cars involved...yeah, it was really bad.

Right now I'm watching a documentary. I love them. Movies get boring sometimes because they all have the same story lines it seems like. I dunno, I like documentaries. This one is on the ice-man. It just started, so that's all I know so far. I think it'd be cool to get a video camera and make an independent film about something. I remember one that I watched on PBS late at night one time, it was sad. It was an animation about a very big guy, and a very little guy that lived together and what not. Well, one day the big guy got sick and died and the little one was all sad. One night while the little one was sleeping, the big one came back (his spirit anyway) and looked into the window. He came in and held the little one. I was like "aww." So the little one woke up because he felt the big one there and it was sad again. He went outside and made snow angels and just looked up at the sky (it was what they both did together when it snowed outside). It seemed like it was made for little kids, the narrorator made it sound like a little kid story, but it was still really good.

I'm leaving around 1 to go see Tyler, yay.

Ok, well I'm going to go watch this ice-man thing some more.

more updating

May 03 2006

Ok, so I'll start with prom. I went and got Elizabeth around 5:00, did pictures and we left in my mom's car to a Japanese steak house in Nashville. We stuffed our faces, oh so yummy, and then left. Our chef dude wasn't very entertaining, but oh well, he made good food. We got to the dance around 8 and stayed till 11:30. I think everyone was expecting the dance to be more, but it wasn't. Lindsey and I requested My Humps to be played but it didn't happen. After we left we stopped at McD's to get a happy meal, ice cream, and change our clothes. We made it to the party after prom and played blackjack till around 3. I donated my chips to Lindsey (all $500,000+ of them) and went home to sleep.

Woke up around 12 and made it to dress reheasal (MYO) and it went very well. After that, I went home to eat something and then go to West Side Story rehearsal, which went well also.

Monday was kinda blahish. I didn't really do anything. West Side Story again.

I didn't go to school yesturday, I didn't feel like going. So my dad comes in my room around 11 and says we're going to get a car. We got a black, 2000 pontiac grand am se. It's so nice. I named it Laquita.

So ready to hear about the concert? Well we did the runthrough and all went well. I had only played 10 minutes or so before at my house, so I felt ready. I waited out in the lobby for Tyler to show up. (He didn't know if he would be able to make it because of drummajor auditions.) I stopped waiting around 7:45 at which time I went to re-warm up. I was extremely nervous. I got on stage, everyone clapped. I swear, I don't know how I pulled it off so well. The high Bb's were all there, everything went much better than I expected. I walked off the stage and back out again, and you know what? I looked up in the back corner and there he (Tyler) was. I'm pretty sure I started crying. Lol. I guess it was a mixture of me being happy, seeing that he made it in time to hear me, and just everything. It was amazing. So I got off, had some water, and went back on for the rest of the concert.

Tyler, the amazing person that he is, took me out to eat afterwards and it was GOOD! We had different kinds of chicken (and some really good mashed potatos) and yeah, it was the most romantic moment I've had. I love him so much, y'all (and probably him) have no idea.

Today was also very blah. I didn't really do all. We played sudoku during 5th period, and I left early. I went to look for some new glasses, but ended up making schedualing an eye examination for 8:00 next Tuesday morning. I then went to have Laquita checked out and make sure she checked out so I can get new tags. After that I went to eat and then to West Side Story rehearsal. I don't know what days I'll be playing yet, but it looks like I'm playing tomorrow night. I was hoping Tyler could drive down again and see it with me, but he can't. Oh well, I'm going to see him on Friday for his band banquet.

Guess what about Mr. Turner, he got drummajor! Woot. I knew he would though, he's super. Congrats to him.

my life is the pits

April 30 2006

So we had a dress rehearsal for West Side Story today. The pit started around 6:00 and we worked on music till 7. Everyone in the pit is so amazing, the woodwind guys are super. The trumpet players aren't married...and you can tell why. They make dirty jokes all the time, it's really funny. Christian Condreanu (the other horn player) is very informative and tells me random things..and those random things have helped my playing in just two times of sitting next to him.

Anyway, so the choir and dancers came in around 7 and we had a full dress rehearal that didn't get finished till 10:15. We had to stop everyonce and a while to fix timing issues and cues from the vocalists. Our conductor/pianist is crazy and wicked good. He's playing the pianist score and from what Tyler tells me it is quite difficult, but he rarely messes up. I wish I could hear what was going on on stage, Greg and Brady (Greg lives next door and Brady I've known forever) are the lead guys and they both sing incedible. But yeah, life in the pits is great! I wouldn't mind doing it for a living one bit.

I'm not going to be able to play on each show because of work on the weekends. We're supposed to be giving a show for the middle school friday afternoon, that will be fun. I remember last year that they weren't a very good audience and laughed at times they weren't supposed to; but the show was Aida and it was probably unfamilier to them. I think they will pay attention to West Side Story because it was one of the more popular shows and I think they learn about it in middle school...but I could be wrong.

Mahler two!

April 29 2006

So today was our senior picnic, that was uber fun. Mrs Gregory dancing to My Humps and reciting rap music in a poetic style during the teacher talent show made my day, well, almost. I hung out with Beth, Sara, and Ashton during the pizza thing, yay.

I went to gas my car today, blah. We've found a convertable that looks promising...and I might have it tomorrow for prom, yay! So I went to pick up my sister and bring her home, take a shower, and went to meet Tyler for us to go to Olive Garden.

We got to Olive Garden to meet Abby and la Madre, it was yum. Our waiter was kinda slow, but the manager said she was sorry for our food coming out slow because she knew that we had to be out for the symphony, so she gave us free cake/pie- score! It was good on my wallet, too.

The Nashville Symphony played Mahler's 2nd symphony tonight and they did a fantastic job. I could tell Tyler enjoyed watched the conductor seeing how that's what he wants to be later on in life. T'was his first orchestral experience, I don't think he'd mind for another one. I could tell Abby enjoyed it, yay, if Tyler wasn't there I would have been an active listener also. Lol.

But yeah, Abby's birthday is (looks at clock) today; happy birthday Abby!

Tomorrow is West Side Story pit rehearsal from 9-1, then I have to go get some shoes. At two I'm going to look at the car down the road and hopefully buy it. At 5 I'm going to pick up Elizabeth, take pictures, and head to the Japanese steak house for some yum yum time. Then we're headed to prom/after prom. Mrs Mullen said she doesn't want us out past 3:30 because of the dress rehearsal on Sunday.

Happy prom'n!

No sleeping for me...

April 25 2006

I thought I'd blog about what's been going on since my last blog on Friday.

Well, Saturday was NAI, it was good. I played sudoku on the way to Chatanooga because I'm addicted. We had practied before we left and it was all dandy, so I wasn't worried. We got there and did our warm-up and did our concert. It went very well in my opinion, not many mistakes from everyone, which is very exciting. We didn't win, but we did get superior ratings and superior horn and euphonium sections, woot! That was all good. Golden Carcus (as Mr. Rhody refered to it) was amazing! I ate like 6 plates of various vegitable items, for I was in that kind of mood. Pie is good. On the ride home I was on the floor most of the time just talking to people. It was fun. We got home around 11.

Sunday I went to church and went to work, not much happening there. Yesturday was...different. I spent $30 at the music stop repairing my horn, it got in an accident. It's all taken care of now. My parents were at my sister's ball game till like 8, so I made pizza's. Tyler was supposed to get home from his band trip at that time, so I stayed for him till around 9:30. I watched cartoons and was hoping he'd text me or something when he got home, but oh well.

Today I left school around 1:20 to go get my sister and bring her home. Then I headed to Warren County to do band rehearsal, but they were on tour all day so we didn't have it- I didn't mind at all. Went to Tyler's house and layed around. We had a very intense game of jinga. That is an evil, stressful game. We also played various card games. Word of caution, don't touch his computer! He will beat you up. Lol, it was all fun. We had hand-to-hand combat for like 15 minutes, it was crazy. Of course, the sister was there cheering us on, haha. So I left around 9 and stopped to get food in Woodburry...omg, that is the most red-neck town ever. Anywho, devine intervention made my visit w/ him possible today. I didn't have any money for gas and I told him around 8 that I wouldn't be able to make it, sad. Luckily, my mom called me at school saying that I needed to come get my sister and that she would give me some money for gas and food tonight. I was soo excited. Tyler says I'm good at surprises, yay. He got the this really pretty ring from the beach. I finally have something to replace my other one, which is now deformed from being around my finger for 5 or 6 years. He got me a bracelet also.

So as of now, I'm watching Saved by the bell because cartoon network felt the need to put it on TV again, gross.

So, is she your girlfriend?- Mr. Nolan

Spotlight on soloists

April 25 2006
Two Youth Orchestra members take center stage

"A man who wants to lead an orchestra must turn his back on the crowd," reads a hand-written quote on the door of Kyle Hayes' practice room in the Siegel High School band room.

"I have my own practice room," said Kyle, a senior. "It has pictures and stuff in it, too, because I live in there."

Kyle, who will play a solo piece in Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra's May 2 concert, has certainly had to seclude himself from the crowd to become such an accomplished French horn player in just three years.

No one ever has to tell Kyle to practice an instrument, because he just loves to do it. The same goes for Elizabeth Gassler, a cello player and fellow member of the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra.

Both Kyle and Elizabeth will perform solos one week from today during the MYO's final concert of the season, "Creative Awakenings: Blending Visions."

The show, which also includes the Preparatory Strings Orchestra, is set for 7 p.m. May 2 in Hinton Hall of the Wright Music Building at MTSU. Admission is $7 for adults and $4 for students, and tickets can be purchased at the door or by calling 849-3803.

The MYO is comprised of about 100 kids from 10 surrounding counties and 26 local schools. Members must audition to join, and both Kyle and Elizabeth say the rewards extend well beyond musical training.

"Being in the orchestra has taught me how to be a team player, and not just being concerned with myself and my schedule, but with the others around me," explained Elizabeth, a fifth-year member.

"I learned that you can't just blow off a rehearsal because it hurts the whole group."

Seven years ago, after Elizabeth attended a friend's cello recital, she knew that was the instrument she wanted to play.

"I love the sound that it makes," she said with enthusiasm, "and how musical and beautiful it is."

For Kyle, deciding on an instrument was not quite as easy. He started on piano, and then went on to bass clarinet, and now he plays the French horn.

If he sees an instrument lying around, Kyle said he is likely to pick it up and start playing.

Kyle and Elizabeth, who both attend different schools, met one another in the MYO. They became good friends during Governor's School last summer, and the pair will soon attend Siegel High's prom together.

Next Tuesday, Kyle will play "Horn Concerto No. 1, Richard Strauss, I, Allegro"; and Elizabeth will play "Allegro Appassionato" by Camille Saint-Saens.

Those who come to the show can "see prom dates in action," said Kyle with a smile.

In 2001, the College Entrance Examination Board reported that students who perform music scored 57 points higher on the verbal part of the SAT and 41 points higher on the math portion.

And students taking course work in music appreciation scored 63 points higher on verbal and 44 points higher on the math than students with no arts participation.

"There is the creativity factor," explained Susan Mullen, music director for the Murfreesboro Youth Orchestra. "(Music students) think outside the box, and will reach within themselves for more answers."

A lot of people do not associate the ability to play in an orchestra with the ability to work in a science laboratory, but "the link is there," said Mullen.

But music can do much more for the development of a child than improved test scores. The following is a list of more reasons music is good for your child, provided by Mullen:

1. All musicians learn discipline.

2. Orchestra players learn how to work in a team.

3. Leading section members learn leadership skills.

4. Playing music engages both sides of the brain.

5. Note reading helps with mathematical skills and counting.

6. Improved dexterity helps with computer skills.

7. Students learn the rewards of dedication.

8. Children can express themselves personally through music.

9. Music can be calming to hyperactive children and adults.

10. Organized music activities are a great way to meet new people and make new friends.

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April 21 2006

So, if I haven't told yet- the insurance company wants to destroy my car from the storm damage. I'm excited, I didn't like my car much. My mom and I are going to some car lots to look around today, hopefully I have one by next week.

Sorry Mrs. Steen for not messaging you back, I was going to but it said your profile was under 'routine maintainance' so it wouldn't let me. But I'm doing fine, and thanks for your comment.

We have the Grand National Adjudicators Invitational tomorrow. I'm excited, I have been since my freshman year (play bass clarinet) and it's going to be amazing. I can't wait. I'm proud to say that the band directors have told me that I have surpassed my competition (the two people who sit ahead of me). My senior year is complete as far as horn playing goes, my goal was to be more the best in the Rutherford County area, and I have done that.

My concerto is sounded very well in MYO, I'm very excited about the concert. We (Elizabeth and I) had our interviews on Wednesday and the article is supposed to be published on Tuesday. Mrs. Mullen said that the woman who interviewed us said that we were the most cordial that she's interviewed for the MYO articles in years, it was cute. Yay for performing prom dates!

Tyler has gone on his band trip, I will be muy lonesome not talking to him till monday. He means a great deal to me. It's good to know that we really care for each other. I'm sure some of you know that we argue a bit, more than most couples, but it just shows how much we like each other because we always work things out and move past it. I hope more than anything we can survive through college.

Random question: does anyone (mostly guys) feel gross if they haven't shaved in a while? I know I do. I haven't shaved in like...4 days and even though I know I'm clean, I just feel gross. I don't know if it is the same for girls (the ones who wear pants all the time) but is on your face and you see it whenever you look at yourself. Oh well. Beth and I are going to Nashville tonight for some prom shopping so I will shave before I leave.

I found out today that I'm going to be playing in the West Side Story pit! I'm so excited! Won't be paid, but I just want it for the experience and to put on my resume, lol. Yay!

Woot woot!