So long ,farewell..

August 11 2006

So tomorrow I leave for Carson Newman.
My sister will move into my room.
Coming back to the Boro will never be the same.
My running paths will grow over.
My sisters and friends will be older.
As will I.

So you have about 24-hours to try to contact before I go.

For now, Good-bye Murfreesboro.
I had a good time.



August 11 2006
have an amazing time....and stay in touch!


August 12 2006
Cara, that's sad! But I love you, stay safe, run incredibly, learn loads, have fun, be good not be good at it, and see you next tiem your in the da' Boro!

the brian king kenobi

August 31 2006
i'll be home friday evening

the brian king kenobi

September 19 2006
did you write 'should of' to annoy me?