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23 Friends Already!

June 09 2005
I feel so loved
You all are very trusting and nice people to let me be your "friend"
What if I were some girl or guy that you despise in every shape, form, and fashion
I'm just kidding
I don't think any of you hate me that much
Hopefully you don't hate me at all
And some of you truly have never even seen me before in your lives

Anna Miller

June 09 2005
have i seen you?


June 09 2005
somehow i don't feel threatened


June 09 2005
who are u

Cara Hawkins

June 09 2005
Are you you couldn't be..

Sarah Vermillion

June 09 2005
Hmm... so, you ever gonna tell us who you are? Or give us clues? I think it's pretty cool that you've got this anonymous thing going. Just wondering if we ever get to find out.


June 09 2005
Could we have a hint... Like have I seen you before?

cole brown

June 09 2005
just saying heeey=] who is this now?

Becky A.

June 09 2005
How many of the 23 people do you personally know? Why did you choose anonymous instead of just using your name or something. Do you like to just be secretive? I think you should tell everyone who you are.


June 10 2005
you have 28 now!!! thanks for the references!!

Cara Hawkins

June 10 2005
Chris Travis perhaps?


June 12 2005
this is so cliche but who are you.


June 13 2005
hey well just wondering if i even know you or if ive even seen you before.but that really doesn't matter i guess im always up to making new friends...


June 16 2005


June 17 2005
will you be my friend:-P


June 25 2005
you're not the person that i can't stand and despise more than anyone. she's hard to miss.