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October 17 2006

As you can see, I got my Glasses on Monday. What do you think?

Randy Rodden

October 17 2006
They're hideous! just kiddin... you look pretty fly!

Jamie Crabtree

October 17 2006
Not bad. Hot pink pink ones would be WAY cooler though. Just kidding!!! They look fine.

Jeana Lewis

October 17 2006
They look great but the real question is, "what do you think?" Can you see better?

Jessica Jo

October 17 2006
They look really really good. ;-)


October 17 2006
i like them.... but i thought you were amazing anyway so of course i think they look good


October 18 2006
You look smarter. Do you feel smarter?

The Capn

October 18 2006
and yes...

Hunter Barry

October 18 2006
They look spiffy

Hunter Barry

October 18 2006
They remind me of a young Sherlock Holmes if he wore glasses.


October 19 2006
very studly :)