February 20 2006

So, I've just returned from Winterfest, and I must say, it was a blast. Lately, music has taken an even bigger role in my life. I'm kid of looking to start a band. I've already written a song of my own. I don't think I want to be a primarily Christian band, but still want my religion to play an important part in my music. Assembling a group of bandmembers will be hard though. Finding people that are good at playing music, and still have the same musical taste as me is kind of hard. I like all types of music. From metal (Metallica), to heavy rock (Pantera), to lighter rock(Guns n' Roses), to Alternative (Red Hot Chili Pepper), and soft rock ( The Shins), and even some country and blues. My music taste are all over the place. I've been into kind of a mellow mood when it comes to music lately. I'm just looking for some people that can play music, and can write it too. Let me know if you or someone you know may be interested.

-Sexy Aaron

Drew Mitchell

February 20 2006
goodluck with the band buddy ! ~ Drew


February 21 2006
I'll sing.

Emily Duke

February 21 2006
yeah...well, glad you had fun @ winterfest...good luck with the band ....i'm here if you need any help...;)..*emily* oh, thanks for calling. you don't really know how much that means to me, because you never call

Andrew ?

February 21 2006
What is up? Andrew


February 22 2006
aaron! how are you


February 23 2006
Music. is. my. life.