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April 08, 2008

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I like... boys. and um. i run. and uh... i also like candy =)


anything but country



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don't you hate when you find something out

and even tho it's really no big deal or life threatenting.. it still really ruins your day[s]

yeah. me too.


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Justin Freaking Timberlake

i seem to have a thing for celebs. haha

omg. this guy was AMAZING last night. not even kidding. best concert ever. it was so worth the money.

it went by so fast tho. it was midnight like before anything.

and also pink was good. love love love loved the show.

happy st pattys day

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anna nicole smith

i'm actually semi upset about her death

idk. i mean yeah she was really weird and uber annoying, but i guess we just don't think of hollywood people dying. i mean i don't. to me it's like they are 'gods' or something. since they are out of reach to us.. idk. it's weird. i mean i know they die. but when they die so young like that. and they don't know why. its crazy. oh well

i'm still a little upset.

but right now i have a date

with the mall

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my nose hurts :[

so i was in the hospital for seven stinkin hours.

they took care of everything. moved my septum over cleaned everything out.

and here's a funny story that me and my parents found out about

i broke my nose when i was little

yea. how do you not know? well .. we didn't

the doctor was like.. when we went up there and saw fracture lines where her nose had repaired. so that was a fun time.

but yea so i'm good and on oxycotton. so life's pretty peachy.

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