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March 01, 2008

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i feel like writing tonight..
"look after you" by the fray is playing just about as loud as i can get it..
i put a frozen pizza in the oven.
and its just me.
just me tonight.
ive been thinking a lot today. about a million things

i got a letter from chicago - im accepted and in the running for the merit scholarship(full ride) insane is that? still looking at memphis col. of art...and knoxville

and am i good enough? is there some way that i can make art that really touches people. i dont want to be like every artist that says that their art is a reflection of themselves- finding out who they are.. making some sort of statement. no. i want all i do to move people. i want jesus to flow into every stroke on the canvas. i want to make the kind of art that, just like the powerful pushing and pulling of a violinists notes on his violin, pierce the very soul within... the holy spirit can move in music and if he chooses through a canvas too.. art that is me.. but is a shade of me that is covered in the assurance that my God is great. and that my God is the only source of true joy and beauty. he is what created everything before i even imagined creating something.

i am overwhelmed by the darkness of this world. i feel like there is nothing i can do sometimes..but then, he just takes my hand and tells me that i dont have to worry because hes already taken care of it...

that whatever college i end up in... it will be the one that i was meant for..
its hard to trust but im doing my best...its just alot to think about. my whole life is changing. people i thought i could love have forgotten me, my dad started a new job, high school is over on may the seventh. .. . i guess, i could be honest and say that im scared to death but at the same time im so excited..
i better go check on that pizza..
November 12, 2006
Emily W. said

i'm so scared too, excited, but so scared. : / am i ready for this? i'm just so glad we have each other. even if we end up hundreds or thousands of miles apart, i know our sisterly bond is so strong, our friendship will make it. plus, we always have Jesus. i love you!
November 12, 2006
Amy said

Kelsey, you have such a precious, beautiful heart, and I promise that God is going to work through you. As far as college goes, it'll all fall into place for ya!
November 12, 2006
the brian king kenobi said

you'll be fine. i've been learning recently that no matter what, God still has His eye on you and His hand over your life. He'll guide you where you need to me. and besides, you rock.
November 12, 2006
Nathan Moore said

just keep trusting in God... he is going to lead you to do something that you are passionate about and touch people... you are very talented. keep pressing on.
November 12, 2006
Sarah Vermillion said

Sweet! *internet high five*
November 18, 2006
Drink Dajen said

Kelsey you already do move people with your art work... I've never seen some one soo talented and since you're still so young, your gift only has room to grow in to something even more spectacular. No i wont ever see jesus in anything not the sky, not music,not art, and not life. But there is one place that i see this God that so much of today's society is head over heels with, This god that i have never been able to connect with or accept. I see him in the faces of people like you and my mother and GG. People claim christianity, but the three of you are the only people i believe when they say it. You've found the meaning for your life, and i know its because you have discovered it yourself, that is beautiful. And because you know who you are and what you live for, then you can do anything and everything will work out, one way or another. There's an Over The Rhine concert at 3rd and Lindsey on Dec 14, in Nashville. by the way :)
November 20, 2006
Drink Dajen said

That concert. my sister , our friend holly, and i are going. you are more than welcome to troop up there with us. The tickets were only like 9 dollars. granted they probably aren't great seats. I'll see about ordering you one too if you want to come. JOsef doesn't like over the rhine...neither does santini... gasp i kno!... lol.... well we''ll talk later im sure
November 29, 2006
Christina said

That would be awesome! I love her music so much.

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