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Edith Hogan

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November 16, 2007

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I like scrapbooking, hanging out with all of my friends, talking on the phone, hiking, swimming, watching movies, skating, taking walks on a nice day, and some girlie things like painting my nails every once in a while but most of the time not. LOL


I listen to a little bit of everything (almost) like R&B, Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Techno (rarely), and some oldies.


I'll watch just about any movie once but i really enjoy Scary movies and Action movies. Sappy chick flicks and slightly annoying to me.


I don't read much but when i do its either Harry Potter, Chicken Soup, and the Bible (which is the only book i read on a regular basis).

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Everything Under The Sun

wow so much is going on in my life that i dont even know where to begin i miss my best friend who is in florida on a 7 month internship so much that its not even funny and missing her makes me miss candace and it just hit me that im actually graduating and im not gonna see half of these people again because our friendships werent strong enough and it really makes me worry and college is going to be such a big change i just dont know and i really want the summer to just relax and i hope it works out that way and when i go to college i have two degrees that i wnat to get my bachelors degree and my mrs. degree lol well anyway enough for now ill be on later


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prom is in 3 days wootwoot im so excited and i know ive said that before but the closer it gets the more excited i get lol im weird im sorry i just know that im gonna have fun and i have nothing to worry about going wrong so yippee and other than prom nothing trememdously exciting has happened in the last few weeks seriously not much i only have 9 days left of school and graduation is on the 20th yeah so neway im gonna go now ill be back later love yall


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well prom is two weeks from tomorrow and im so excited it is going to be so much fun now what we are doing after prom im not sure some people want to go to after prom some people want to go to a friends house for a little refreshments *cough cough* lol and im not sure wha else so what well actually do i dont know but i dont really care either way well ne way lifes going pretty good not much to complain about except the fact that i always feel broke but hardly spend any money is that retarded or what i dont maybe i should keep up with what i do spend better idk
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New Start

Well everyone has told me how much they love phusebox so im gonna give it a try guess we'll see how it goes
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