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Edith Hogan

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November 16, 2007

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I like scrapbooking, hanging out with all of my friends, talking on the phone, hiking, swimming, watching movies, skating, taking walks on a nice day, and some girlie things like painting my nails every once in a while but most of the time not. LOL


I listen to a little bit of everything (almost) like R&B, Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Techno (rarely), and some oldies.


I'll watch just about any movie once but i really enjoy Scary movies and Action movies. Sappy chick flicks and slightly annoying to me.


I don't read much but when i do its either Harry Potter, Chicken Soup, and the Bible (which is the only book i read on a regular basis).

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i want this as a tattoo i think

June 28, 2006
Andrew ? said

ah that looks cool. what does it mean. Andrew
June 30, 2006
Andrew ? said

your welcome Andrew
October 17, 2006
jennifer goodson said

hey whats up i ain't seen or heard rom you i forever i saw kayla at the variety show well write back love ya muches jennifer

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