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Edith Hogan

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November 16, 2007

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I like scrapbooking, hanging out with all of my friends, talking on the phone, hiking, swimming, watching movies, skating, taking walks on a nice day, and some girlie things like painting my nails every once in a while but most of the time not. LOL


I listen to a little bit of everything (almost) like R&B, Rap, Country, Pop, Rock, Alternative, Techno (rarely), and some oldies.


I'll watch just about any movie once but i really enjoy Scary movies and Action movies. Sappy chick flicks and slightly annoying to me.


I don't read much but when i do its either Harry Potter, Chicken Soup, and the Bible (which is the only book i read on a regular basis).

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well schools out for the summer graduation is on saturday i have customs to sign up for classes with mtsu next thursday and friday im probably gonna get a second job at mtsu paying 8 dollars an hour wootwoot ill still work at taco bell about the same that i do now and i can already tell that my summer is going to be busy ive been out for less than a week and have hardly even been home and when i am im babysitting i hate that oh well im trying to get more pictures on here but i cant seem to transfer them from the program there on to here idk ill figure it out eventually and when i do then there will be pictures from prom my trip to chicago and a few random others lol well i guess thats enough rambling for now ill be on later im sure cuz when im babysitting i have nothing else to do lol


May 17, 2006
erin said

make sure your photos are jpeg form, if theyre in bitmap phusebox wont accept them
May 18, 2006
erin said

umm... well thats not quite what its supposed to do... sorry
May 18, 2006
Amanda Judy said

its a tv show that comes on after desperate housewives, and it is awesome!
May 25, 2006
Andrew ? said

what are you going to be doing at your other job? Andrew

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