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November 01, 2006

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Death to the jellyfish

God calls us to get OUT of our comfort zone and get away from what's easy. You see after so much easiness, the life of easiness then become our norm. Then we become what I call (this is a Hodg-eism) a jellyfish. If you know anything about jellyfish, they don't really move. They just go with the current, with what's easy. They don't have to move b/c the life around them is so easy. The current takes them everywhere. They are so in there comfort zone that they don't even know what's going on around them.

I feel that we has Christian fall into this trap day in and day out. We get so consumed about ourselves and what's easy for us. We sit and hang out with people that are just like us, people that will just verify our opinions. We stay in our groups b/c it's easy and it's comfortable. And people can see that there's something different about us as Christians. However, just like a jellyfish people are afraid of us. They know that if they try to get to close too our little groups they might get stung.

We want things to be easy. I mean who doesn't? However, I've looked and I can't find in the Bible where says that Christian have it "easy". Actually it's pretty much the opposite. Now it's not always bad to be comfortable, God will put us in a comfortable place sometimes so that we can get our feet set on solid ground and get ready for the next step in his glory.


February 19, 2006
Shelby Craig said

Good word sir!
February 19, 2006

ahhh amen to that one...hope y'all are doing great!
February 19, 2006
Maria Haun said

how easy we fall into the lifes of jellyfish...
February 19, 2006
Rachael Vance said

good job...this is very true.

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