Jeana Lewis


Fried Turkey

November 23 2006
We fried our first Turkey this year!  Worked out nicely.  Josh engineered the thawing process so the water stayed at an almost constant temperature so we wouldn't be poisioned by our gobbler :o)  Josh and Liz had just seen a guy on TV go into detail as to how to "brine" turkey (basically that's soaking it in a lot of cold water with salt and brown sugar dissolved in it).  Liz found me his recipe on line and then helped me do that part.  A couple of days later (thawing and brining take lots of hours) Randy fried our 2 turkeys for Thanksgiving.   Can't wait!  HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Jessica Jo

November 23 2006

Jonathan Wood

November 23 2006
Mmmmm...fried turkey is delish! I think I'm watching too much Rachel Ray. Happy Thanksgiving!


November 23 2006
good times


November 24 2006's a funny picture of mr.randy...his eyes look all googly.