Jeana Lewis


Hi there!

September 05 2006
For a person who never seems to run out of things to say I don't seem to say much on phusebox do I?  Maybe I just don't like to talk about myself.  Maybe my life just isn't that interesting... My grandson, Daniel, will be a year old next Saturday.  Paul will be 18 on Friday.  I don't feel old until I think about that... 

I am a VERY blessed lady.  Daniel is perfect and precious and I'm so proud of Josh and Liz for the fine parents they are to him.  I'm proud of all my kids (yes, all 50 or so of you).  Yes, I'm blessed.  Love you all~

Jessica Jo

September 05 2006
hehe. 50? I would think more along the lines of close to 100. *smiles* And we all are blessed because of you. Much love~Jess

adam rodrigues

September 06 2006
Yeah, your kids are pretty cool. and I know where they got it from :-)

Jonathan Wood

September 13 2006 cause/effect comparison there wasn't totally accurate; it was how I was trying to express what's in my head. Anyway, I should have been more specific about the grace (I was speaking of the grace of salvation and regeneration), as you mentioned. Thanks!


September 22 2006
it's going good my room is all packed and im bored