Jeana Lewis



April 27 2006
The Dessert Theater last night was a huge success!  All 12 of the Fine Arts entries went GREAT!  Congratualtions to you all!!!  The silent auction (desserts) raised almost $1,000 and we received just over $1,000 in the offering!!!  I can't remember EVER making $2,000 on ANY fundraiser we've ever had. 

Mrs. Beth O'Berry and Mrs. Debi Crabtree are AWESOME!  They did so much to make it happen!  Beth has a grown a phone where her ear used to be!!! 

The techies did a great job too - even with little practice and late notice!  Thanks Chris (J.), Zay, Ken, Kenny and Ryan (most of which will never see this).  Ya'll thank them when you see them!  Without our techies we'd look and sound lame!

See you all in Franklin Friday!  I'm going over early to help with registration so Randy's taking me on the motorcycle!  :o)

Meagan McCann

April 27 2006
can you message me when you get a chance?

adam rodrigues

April 27 2006
Yeah.. fine arts tomorrow...] whoa. but how exciting!

Emily Oberry

May 02 2006
hey Mrs. Jeana can you message me when you get a chance i got a PHUSE BOX YAY! well anyways now that its working, FINALLY! okay well bye