Jeana Lewis


Come on Summer!!!

March 31 2006
I love warm weather!!!  I'm like a lizard - I need a hot rock to lay on and SUNSHINE!  I was raised in the New Mexico desert.  Maybe that's why cold and gloom are so depressing to me.  I HATE to be cold!!!  Cloudy, gloomy weather depresses me if it hangs around for more than a day.  Yay for yard work and motorcycle rides and heat!!!


March 31 2006
Wow, i was so about to post just about everything you did...amazing. I feel the same way...winter is kinda depressing.

The Capn

March 31 2006
you are kind of like a lizard... ;)

Randy Lewis

March 31 2006
Yay for heat and motorcycle rides. The yard work, well, maybe not so much.

Randy Rodden

April 01 2006
I don't like letting my heart out....jk but for some reason I was feelin the love post for Zay. I'm not sure if I'll always make serious posts but I'll try to slip quite a few in! But on a different note, I love cold weather because you can bundle up...and then you are warm. Besides I HATE to sweat. but actually I can deal with it bein' around 70 or so that's not to shabby!