Jeana Lewis



February 11 2006
Interesting surf board Kate! Hooper looks kind of bored...
Originally Taken: August 1, 2005
Camera: FUJIFILM FinePix2400Zoom

Jeana Lewis

February 11 2006
She's standing on her brother, by the way!

Becca Hicks

February 13 2006
haha...she looks so....demented!!

Randy Rodden

February 18 2006
She IS so demented


March 03 2006
hey! that looksfun! i wanna try!!!


March 03 2006
haha! thats greatly amusing!

adam rodrigues

May 06 2007
so this is the pic!! you've told me about it several times but i've never seen it. ahh, finally, a visual to put with my... visual.. so anyway, haha, good times. i remember walking in on the end of this. Denver was fun ::: whisks away in a nostalgic air::: .......