[it's been a while...]

March 02 2008


my granddad is home now. and doing a lot better. 

we're still praying for a full recovery.


 since last post, i've been a little better i guess..just learning to live with stress and pain. i never knew i would miss my aunt this much after 9 months. i mean, i honestly wasn't even that close with her...and maybe that's my problem? i don't know. things have been really tough for me since then.


 i went to a linkin park/coheed and cambria/chiodos concert last week. it was a lot of fun...and the concert was amazing. getting out of the house was the best part though, not to mention it was all paid for my a friend. :]


but yeah...i think i'll go for now.

maybe i'll update more often....haha.


seriously though, keep me in your prayers still...

i'm definitely not out of my storm yet. :/


love you guys.