[happy 18th]

July 07 2007

happy birthday hunter! haha.

gah, this is when it sucks to not have your phone. lol.


but yeah.

things are going alright i guess.

it's still hard not having my aunt around.

i know it's gotta be hard for my uncle and cousins going back home without her.


hmm. yeah. i'm going to camp again from this monday till friday.

this time i'm going with the kids from my church. it's gonna be a lot of fun.


you know, lately i've realized how much i miss some of my friends.

hunter, for instance, things just kinda got weird after the breakup..but i really miss our phone calls..haha, those were the BEST. who knows...he's probably not even reading this. oh well


but yeah. i miss a lot of my friends.

i wish i could go back in time and change some things...

but i guess that's just life.


enough of me rambling...

 but anyways...

happy 18th birthday hunter!

courtney kelley

July 12 2007
i love you.