[i did it.]

June 07 2007


so i talked to hunter for the first time in weeks.

i guess it was a good thing.

all the feelings i thought i'd have, i didn't.

it really surprised me...

because i wasn't quite sure if i had completely forgiven him or not.

but i now know that i pretty much have.


yeah, it's still really weird talking to him as friends.

i can guarantee that's not gonna change...for a while at least. 

but i'm glad i have one of my really good friends back..


and all i can do is hope he feels the same way.

yeah, i did like him a lot, and yeah, he did hurt me a lot.

but somehow i was willing to forgive him and move on.

and it feels good.

and even though there will always be feelings for him somewhere,

and if it means i have to let them go to get my friend back,

i'm willing to do that.




i'm done. haha.


love you all.


courtney kelley

June 07 2007
i hope you know how much i love you.