May 21 2007
tomorrow is my last day as a sophomore.
it's crazy how fast time has gone by.
i'm halfway done with highschool...
then i'll be headed to college to pursue my special education teaching dream.

it's almost scary how fast time is moving.
i used to think that a week was basically forever..
now i blink, and a month has gone by without me noticing.

i hate it.
but i guess it's all just a part of life.

so much has happened.
i've been hurt a LOT, met a lot of new friends who i don't know where i would be without, went through a lot of hard times, and then of course there were the amazing times...like my first date, advancing to nationals with my youth group, getting accepted into an AP english course, and then seeing my best friend walk across the stage when she graduated high school.

nothing will ever be perfect...i already know that, but lately the only thing i can do is smile. i know that god has everything in his hands and whatever happens will happen for a reason and that i'll come out of the storm victorious and happier than ever...i can't wait.

we're going to see my aunt this weekend i think. her cancer is getting worse...and well, i just need to see her. i don't know how long we'll be up there, but i will have internet and my cell phone if you guys want to talk. i might call a few of you just to talk..it's gonna be hard seeing her in the condition she's in right now...

but yeah. i told you i'd ramble today.
lots of stuff on my mind. ahhh. goodness. too much on my mind right now.

god's taken control.
now, the hard part is to sit back and let him take care of it...when all i want is for it to go my way...but i can do it.


May 22 2007
oh, no. the person who posted a remark above me, they said "what happened?" and i was just asking that same question.


May 23 2007
aw, i see.. i know that stings.