November 10 2005
my birthday was amazing...jeanett just called me to wish me a happy birthday...i've gotten millions of "happy birthday" screams from across the hallways at school, and i am so happy...

just got back about half an hour ago from a bowling match in mcminnville...we kicked butt...20-7...we are still undefeated, and that's not going to change anytime soon....but i do have to say that they're lanes were pretty freakin ghetto!! haha...

anyways, i'm gonna go enjoy the rest of my birthday...
mucho love!!


November 10 2005
happy birthday, haha. i'm glad you're feelin' better.

Just Me

November 10 2005
happy birthday!


November 10 2005
hey what is up i miss yall alot i want to wish you a late b'day well got to go peace out and keep it real!