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October 30 2005

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Live in an apartment.
2) Visit New York.
3) Take a year off and go on a road trip to Arizona.
4) See Sufjan Stevens live.
5) Grow my hair out long.
6) Become fluent in French. (even if I don't use it anywhere)
7) Work for Time Magazine.

7 things I can do:

1) Cross my eyes.
2) Complain.
3) Embroider.
4) Work a camera. (most of the time)
5) Make a mean monkey face.
6) Memorize a whole cd within an hour. (I think it's pretty impressive... haha)
7) Cut my own hair.

7 things I cannot do:

1) A cartwheel.
2) Play four-square. (haha)
3) Sing
4) Go more than 8 hours without washing my face. (it's a bad? addiction)
5) Pretend to be something i'm not.
6) Be around high-strung people for a long period of time.
7) Go more than 2 minutes with total silence. (i'll make a noise or something)

7 things that attract me to another person:

1) Sense of humor. (i'm sarcastic, i like people that can take it haha)
2) Compulsive lying for humorous effect.
3) Good taste in music.
4) Being in good shape.
5) Cares about something. (atleast try to be some-what educated)
6) Eyes.
7) Sense of adventure.

7 things I say most often:

1) Oh My Gosh !!!
2) Yeah.
3) Mhm.
4) Awesome!
5) Ugh.
6) I have no clue what I'm doing.
7) I think I lost it.

7 people I want to do this:

1) Whoever else wants to do it.

p.s.- Saw II is pretty good.

Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
after reading that... i think im in love with you...

Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
yeh thats defiantely me... haha... i feel loved... u remember me... lol... well i only write songs for pretty girls... and i only wrote one at uncle daves... so i think i remember you too... haha... freakin sweet...

Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
were you with jamie??

Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
o ok... well i think i remember you... but idk...

Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
haha yeh... hes my hero...


October 30 2005
Im gonna do it


October 30 2005
my friend had that exact thing on her xanga.. the same answers & everything.. okay so which one of you copied?! lol


October 30 2005
OH MY GOSH claire i am so retarded.. lol.. i forgot that "reconceiver" or whatever was you.. hahahahahahahahah i am SO stupid.. sorry about that darling! have a good night!

Nick Hawkins

October 31 2005
Things you cannot do....four-square. lol. You got better. And I'll have to see that monkey face, or I'll throw you in a pit of needles

courtney kelley

November 01 2005
ahh. Claire ur crazy. I do not want to see Saw ll. Love the new profile pic. *courtney


November 01 2005
i want to go to arizona we shall go together i enjoyed seeing you yesterday =]

courtney kelley

November 01 2005
i saw the first one and i was freaked out. lol.

Becca Hicks

November 03 2005
hey! i miss you too! the only thing i miss about last year, was having science with you and jessica...i hardly EVER see you guys anymore...that makes me sad... well, maybe we'll run into each other in the hall one day... mucho love!! [becca]