March 11 2008

stats test was a bummer today.


it's almost spring break. nuff said.



One of those days

February 25 2008
It's been one of those days where you just need a hug you know. bible study was good though. piece

whats to come (sorry this is so long)

February 20 2008

i was talking to my mom earlier today when i was at a pretty awesome outdoor store. though be it that everything was overpriced, they had some cool stuff. you gotta know your stuff sometimes when you go to these places, that can stick it to you sometimes.


but on to what my mom had to say.


she told me that she was listening to dave ramsey, whom i've listened to most all my life and i revere as a very knowledable person, whom was saying to a caller the other day that in this day and age, when job hunting, you have to have something specific to bring to the table. and my mom was asking me what i had to bring to the table when i graduate. well, i told her that was a good quesion. cause ever since i've decided to do public administration, i dont really know what i have to bring to the table. i could probably sell myself pretty well at a job interview, but that takes alot of confidence, and not that i dont have alot of confidence, but what do i have.


i still really wanna go to law school, so i should be studying for the Lsat, but i havent started yet. i should be studying more for what i am studying  now.


i'm watching the king and i right now. it's a good movie. a remake of an old movie from the sixties that i saw when i was in the 6th grade at central. there was a line in there that caught my attention:

"I wish to learn english to please his majesty."

teacher: "That is good but i hope more importantly you want to learn english to please yourself."


it made me think, ya, i need to learn something that is useful in life, something i can get a job with. but more importantly, why dont i learn something that i enjoy. that i like going to class for. that i like reading about. studying. discussing. maybe some of the classes that i'm in right now arent all that great. but it's still interesting to know how things work in government.


if you want to understand why things happen today you must first understand how they came to be over the years, and then understand how they work on a daily basis. so, history isnt that bad. i.e. if you want to know why south american countries are still considered developing countries, you must understand it's war torn past and military/political past.




i'm tired of obama and his feel good message. his empty words. he has that sing song type speech kinda. they way he drags out certain letters to make it sound empowering and tug at your heart strings. he's telling the people of this country what they want to hear. that we need a change cause people believe that things are bad and it's because of the president. people should understand that the president actually holds a weak spot in governtment. maybe the reason things arent so great is the change in power in the House a couple of years back...


hillary isnt much better, but i dont think her words are empty such as obama. and, he accuses her of stealing his words of "yes we can", but in reality, thats the words of the farmers worker union. so really, he stole chaves words. Hugo that is. the "dictator" of venezuala. i call him a dictator. more than likely it's just a strong presidency. larger government=socialism/communism. universal health care=larger government.  it takes a while for things like that to evolve, but it could happen. you gotta watch out.


this post is getting way to long.


God will always provide. so i'm not too worried about what will come in my future. as long as i try my best and follow His ways, i believe it'll work out.


in other news, i'm going to start training for a marathon. might be fun. i'll get in good shape anyways. but i'm ready for it to warm up. spring break will be fun. but i need to some serious studying for my midterms. but i'm doing ok thus far. i like my stats teacher.


sorry this was so long. hope everyone is doing well.




what i need

February 06 2008

i'm in serious need of some new study habits. it's getting pretty bad lately. but i'm going to spend a good while at the library tonight. i just gotta get it all done.



riddle time

February 05 2008

what do you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?




February 02 2008

i finally won a medal at erg sprints. a bronze in the team relay. but it was a good time. i set a new personal record for the individual part.


now i have really bad heart burn. hopefully that's all it is.


i'll update more later.


school is crazy right now.


hope all is well.



hitch hiking

January 10 2008

so i wanna write my down my goals, but i havent put alot of thought into it yet. but i need to. i need to cause i feel like that will help me get into this new semester. so we'll see whats up. definately do that by tomorrow.


now for the hitch hiking. so ryan and i went hiking sunday through tuesday. it was alot of fun. half the trail was covered with ice, but that just made it more interesting. but the last day we were a 5 1/2 mile hike from the car if we took the trails, but we were a 2 mile hike from the road, but if we walked along the road it was another 8 miles to the car, which toatled 10 miles, double the other option. but we knew it was supposed to rain, and thought it would be fun to hitch hike, which isnt uncommon along the appalachian trail. ryan did it over the summer while he and some friends were up that way.


so we make it to the road and start walking, and walking, and walking. and every car that passed going the way we were headed we would stick out thumb out, but they just passed us up. it's not that heavily of a traveled road, at least not this time of year. during the summer it's heavy with traffic with people going in between gatlinburg and cherokee(the indian reservation where everyone goes to gamble). we went for four hours and no one stopped to give us a ride. i wasnt too surprised cause i mean, when was the last time you stopped to pick up a hitch hiker?


so we decided to cut up the side of a hill cause it would cutt off two miles of our walk. it was a 500 foot vertical climb that we had to do on out hands and knees. the brush was so thick we could barely move. it was fun. we found an old muscle car that had run off the road. kinda cool. we made it to the top. walked about 500 more yards and decided to sit down and eat lunch. we had just about had it. about to decide that hitch hiking wasnt going to work. we had already walked almost 7 miles that day, which, if you remember, is more than what we would of had to hike if we took the trail.


we had been counting cars and i told ryan that by the 100th car, we would be picked up. we were sitting there eating on the side of the road enjoying the view and every time a car would pass we would stick out our thumbs. i stuck my thumb out when people were passing the wrong decision, but i thought they would feel nice and take us back, cause it was only a few miles back up the road. like, 3 or 4.


and what do you know, this guy in a covertible stops and offers us a ride, but he wouldnt take us back up the road, even though we offered him gas money. i lost it. i went hysterical. it was so funny. ryan was mad cause we were up to about a 100 cars. he was going on about how we were going to have to wait for another 100 cars. but then, about 15 cars pass and on car passes and then... they stop about 40 yards up the road. we ran to the car and they helped us put our bags in the car and gave us a ride.


they were an older couple and there friend was in the back. there friend had to be about 95 and he was from alaska. it was pretty cool. they were nice.


well thats my story.


my classes should be ok. i'm excited about my poli sci classes. should be cool. i need to buckle down and study this semester. i had a great semester grade wise last time around. i just need to be dilligent. there's another work i wanna use, but i cant think of it.



been a while

January 08 2008

it's been a while since i've written on here. i just got back from a 3 day hiking adventure. i'll write about that later. but i got to hitch hike for the first time. i'll write about that too.


i'll also write my goals for the semester/year like i did last year. i like doing that.


school starts tomorrow. eh. i dont know how i feel. should be good though.



Merry Christmas!

December 24 2007

It's that time of year again!



it's my birthday!

December 18 2007

enough said.


oh ya, and i ended up with a 3.75 GPA this semester. Rock on




December 04 2007

i didnt go to bed till about 330 or 4 this morning. i'm pretty dang tired.


i hate it when i cant find a parking spot anywhere near my apartment building. it seems if i pay rent there i should be entitled to a spot outside my building. or at least remotely near it.


oh well. i'm probably just mad cause i'm so tired.




November 29 2007 (i could probably find a better one, but this one is funny and good)


I've always enjoyed inspirational things, and then again, who doesnt. sometimes when i wonder why i row, i go and watch the video of the mens team that won the olympics for the first time in like 40 years. here's a link to that video too.

(it looks easier than it is)


people admire the underdog, and why is that. because that is what america was built on, people starting with nothing and finishing ahead. we admire them because we want to do the same thing. we wanna be great. I admire people like Jimmy V. because he was dying yet still made the most out of life. Ya, he's not the only one to do that. there are alot of people that have cancer yet they live thier life like it's just another day. But i believe everyday you should challenge yourself to make the most of what you have, dont worry about what you dont have, and ask yourself what you can do for someone around you.


Even if all you do is smile and say hi to the person sitting next to you in class, cause you dont know what they are going through, that could make a world of difference to them. the world isn't perfect, but maybe the little things we do can make a huge difference. i wanna make a difference in the world. i've told some people that before. thats why i wanted to be a teacher. but i was going to have to stay in school for an extra two years.


Pat Tillman once said: "Coach, you can do with me what you like, but after four years i'm gone, i've got things to do with my life."


If you dont know how Pat Tillman is, he's the guy the football player that gave up his 3.5 million dollar contract to go to Iraq. He was a pretty cool dude if you wanna read about him. I may not be a great athlete, a soldier, or a great scholar, (and there is definately more to life than school, and not everyone needs it so i dont hold it against them), but i know i can make a difference, even if it's a small one, and so can you.


so remember four things as you go throughout these next few weeks: 1)make a grand entrance Focus on 2)Family 3)Religion (or whatever is important to you) 4)and the Greenbay Packers


Your "Greenbay Packers" can be whatever you want it to be, but try and make it successful.

last minute homework in the library

November 26 2007

all there is to it.




November 25 2007

thanksgiving was great. i wish i could of seen my friends some more over the break.


as i was sitting in church this morning i was thinking, that i dont really wanna leave. i was really bored last night and wanted to head back to knoxville. but, while i was sitting there, i was like, i miss all these people back here in murfreesboro. all my friends. i mean. ya, it would be alot different if i moved back. and it wouldnt be like i imagine it to be. or how it was during high school where i was really clost to all my friends. but, at the same time.... i dont even know what i wish it was like. i could transfer back. it would be no problem.


i dont knwo what to do. i dont think i should. but then again. maybe i should. who knows. blah. i hate growing up. but i'm about to hit the road to knoxville. i'll be home in 2 1/2 weeks. so, i'm just ready for this next week to be over. finals wont be too bad. just the week heading up to it.



i need

November 19 2007
i need a change. i've said it before, but not on here i dont think, the thing i dont like about knoxville the most is that all my really good friends aren't here. Amy Bonnin and i were talking about it one day and i said that it occured to me that all the people that i'm still really good friends with are the one's that i've gone to church with. i still have a few good friends that i didnt go to church with. i've tried to get connected with a church up here, but it hasnt really happend for me. everytime i go i just feel so out of place.


but when i go, it just seems so right. like thats what i need in my life. i've met a few new people at church, but i just miss the one back home so much. what i really need is people to keep me accountable here in knoxville. more christian friends really. not that i'm a bad person or anything. but, you know. it's just easier sometimes.  i mean, i know what i believe, it's just sticking to it most times.


i also wanna move, i think. i mean, i hardly talk to my roommates anymore. or rather, they hardly talk to me anymore. it's just awkward. mainly one of them i dont talk to. but he's just a jerk to me, i'm not going to lie. i'll talk to him and he wont even respond. i dont know what the deal is. i always try to be nice to everyone.


but i do have to say, there are some people that i havent treated too great in the past, and i wish i could go back and change all that, but whats in the past is in the past, and i hope they can forgive. i'm sure they can.


well i better get off here, as i have a test tomorow and i'm supposed to meet my workout partner in the morning. since i'm COMING HOME TOMOROW.


i'm excited.


Hope you had a great day amy! since i know your the only one that reads this. lol. but emily might too. haha. oh well. maybe i'll see ya while i'm at home amy




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November 14 2007

I was really dreading my ethics class when i found out i had to sign up for it this semester. but it was business ethics and i thought that maybe it wouldnt be that bad.


my favorite part about it are the discussion classes every friday. i love it cause i always argue the opposite of everybody else and it really makes some people mad. one of the guys i met in there will argue against me just for laughs. i happened to see him like the second week of school at the mall and we talked for a while. he's a pretty cool guy. he's a cheer leader, i laughed, but it's respectable.


anyways. when i found out i made a 100 on the midterm, which consisted of 3 essays, i figured i had it down-pat. but the best part is the teacher. Dr. Arnold. My roommate and i call him Arny. haha. but the cool part is, he wont tell you his position on things that we talk about, but most of the time we know where he stands. in the book he assigned us there are many articles with many different authors. he's the author of a few of them.


the cool part though is he'll assign articles that not only dissagree with his view, they the author will mention his name in the article and say how he "is ignorant". I dont believe this. i just believe it is a difference of oppinion and the other author needs to realize that everyone will not have the same ethical standpoint. which i'm sure he realizes this, but why come out and call another respected eithical philosopher person ignorant. haha.


anyways. i just drank some esspresso. thats why i'm up so late. haha




November 08 2007

It's 12:55 in the A.M. and i'm on my third cup of coffee. i think i'm going to write some in my journal. i dont do that as much as i would like. but it's cause once i get started i cant stop. and i need to do my poli sci homework. i know, i know. i should of done my work earlier tonight. but i'm a procrastinator. and i take advantage of hanging out with friends whenever i can. and we had to load boats tonight.


which by the way, we're racing this weekend. should be fun. but it'll be an adventure.


hope all is well. i gotta get started on some other stuff. someone is calling my phone. odd for this time of day.



jury duty

November 04 2007

so i got summoned for a third time for jury duty. i sent my papers back in over fall break and told them the same thing just like i did the first two times that i couldnt do it cause i had school. well, they didnt care this time. so i have to go for the MONTHS of december and janurary. and thats only if i'm not on a trial that last longer than that.


so i may have to take a semester of off school. imagine missing all of janurary (i think i'm spelling that wrong. lol) and then having to go back to class. it would be impossible. they said i could request just a certain time period. but i dont want all of my christmas break to be tied up with jury duty. blah. but i guess if that keeps me from going to jail for skipping jury duty.


i cant decide if i wanna miss a semester or not. i really wanna travle, but that would take alot of money. i've always thought. it would be cool to go live with my bro and work down in florida somewhere. it would be a blast. but, he and his wife may not want me down there. lol. well, for like 3 months anyways.



productivity part deux

October 30 2007

so i thought i would be really productive tonight and come to the library to work on my homework. bad idea. i've seen 4 people that i know so far and i've spent the whole time talking to the them. but thats ok.


and i like to people watch. which is really bad when there is literally like 500 people here in the compute lab.


a couple of the guys from the team called me today and we went to the pizza buffett down on the strip. that was a bad idea. i literally ate like 2000 calories at lunch. i was sick. i havent eaten that bad at once in a long time. oh well. it was some good stuff. and it was only 5 bucks.


i'm sad, i just now looked to see if my headphones were in my bag, which they normally are, but they arent. it's probably a good thing. i get some work done now.


i've really got to get this paper written. i hate not being productive. but i got my literature test back today and i made a 95. i was pretty excited cause when i took it i felt like i hadnt made and A, which was my goal.


Amy, i'm pretty sure your the only one that reads this anymore. haha, hope you had a good day!




October 29 2007

i havent been as productive as i should of been these past couple of weeks. that includes this current week. i didnt take advantage of this past weekend. but i had a good time hanging out with friends.


i'm going to write a paper tomorow. i'll spend the day in the library. i'm just more productive there. i cant help it. i saw my advisor today. i didnt have to, but i wanna make sure i'm doing things right. oh man, i just remembered i have an appointment tomorow to see my business department advisor. hmm, wonder what time that is. i think i have an email, but i dont know.


i got to watch a movie tonight so that i can compare the book of huck finn to the movie. the movie was nothing like it. so i have alot to write about. so no problem. i have alot to do this week though. i need to be productive. i may not have time to go to the corn maze wensday night. oh well.  school comes first.


i wanna write more, but i got other stuff to do right now, so, another time.




October 23 2007

Just when you think you've got it all figured out, there's always a twist in the plot.


i've been having problems with my roommates. we havent been getting along. in reality, they just dont like how laid back i am. but all thats for another post. we've been getting along lately.


well one of my roommates told us this morning that his mother is dying of brain cancer. she might die within 2 weeks, or if the radiation works she could live for another 6 months. ya, we havent been getting along, but, we're still good friends. we're all on the rowing team. we're pretty much a big family. you should of seen the look on the guys' faces this morning at practice when he told us about it. it came as a shock.


please keep his family in your prayers. i know that his family isn't really religious. i know my roommate isnt anyways. i dont know how i'd make it through a time like this if i couldnt turn to God.


other than that, things are going good. School and all. please keep me in your prayers as well. not having alot of christian friends around me is hard for me at times.



so mad at my self

October 16 2007

i backed into a telephone poll tonight. i cant even begin to say how mad i was at myself. but i'm good now. i was ok with it like 5 minutes after it happened. but it still sucks big time. oh well. i throw some pics up here later.


hope everyone is doing great out there.


i was just thinking.  I havent heard from Nathan in a while. Or his fabulous wife Rachel. where are ya'll two?




October 08 2007

I love meeting new people and making new friends. it's great.


well i came in to the library just now and i sat down at the computer and the guy next to me was like hey patrick. but i had no idea who he was. i just got done spilling my brains on an all essay ethics midterm. but even then. i didnt even recoginze this guy. usually when this happens i just play it off, but i wasnt on my game today. lol. kinda sucks. i didnt want to make him feel like a... crazy guy. i dont know. i just hate it when it happens.


well, one midterm down, two left. poli sci today and physics tomorow. physics, i dont even know. lol.



the problem

October 04 2007

i think i know what the problem with my roommates is, other than they just need to lighten up, and grow up.


they dont know good common sense when it hits them in the face. i guess that sounds bad. but it's getting on my nerves. lol




September 24 2007

I'm glad i have friends who listen to me and are there for me whenever i need them. Especially those who let me sleep on their couch when my roommates decide to harrass me. those are the friends that you cherish. the ones you love to hang out with whenever you have the chance.


i miss the ones back home too.


oh well.


school today shouldnt be too bad. but i got alot of homework to do. after what happened last night, i didnt get much done. blah.