February 22 2006
well, i'm writing a post to see if anyone still checks to see if i write posts, so here it is...
a post

elizabeth duncan

February 22 2006
i check. hiiiiisydney. you're a dog.

Drew Mitchell

February 22 2006
are you related to a tony bratcher ? That may not be his name its quite possibly his dad's name. He's like 20 or 21 now i'd guess.

Nathan Moore

February 22 2006
haha... i check.


February 22 2006
good boy...goooood booooooy! roll over and i'll scratch your belly

Rachael Moore

February 22 2006
i check!

Jonathan Moore

February 22 2006
sydney, your so hot right now. -Mugatu-


February 23 2006
good boy!! Yes you are a good doggy, and I check your phusebox. :) Good boy!