I am a blogging dog

June 30 2005
ok...it is 4:45 in the am and my human owner type person is at work. i obviously have just been laying on the couch and and watching tv. jasohfowheohsdfoihoweohfohoawefo ;ihwefniooawefo;ihafoihwaefo;ihawefo;ihjwaefo; ihawef;iohwaefioncaweiohaweoihfawoehfo;hawe...... i have nothing to share with this microcosm of a cyber world so bark off

Nathan Moore

July 01 2005
excuse me?

Nathan Moore

July 01 2005
haha. you don't have thumbs.

Stephen Hamby

August 30 2005
i think your human owner is hott!!!

Chris Slate,

September 05 2005
wow... ur interesting... and a cool lookin dog