February 11 2006

Sooo lifes pretty good right now i guess...umm have a great day!


February 13 2006
my p-duuuuub!- how's it goin, kido?? well... have a good one! love you so much! <33 Kat

Chelsea Turner

February 19 2006
oh boy yall are funny!


February 19 2006
well you see, I love this kidd named patton because he is the best everrrrrrr!


February 21 2006
God's got a plan Patton! isn't that totally amazing?! how you think that your life is just ruined but really God makes all these things happen so he can form us into the person we are supposed to be and all these events in our life lead up to what is eventually the big plan the He reveals and has for us!!! always focus on God! because when you do, He will put something totally incredible in your life and you will be like thank you Jesus! love you pat!!! BE BLESSED