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August 24, 2006

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hanging out with friends, being crazy, doing origami, singing for Jesus


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so yeah..

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life could be better..
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Life is interesting indeed. Tonight at church I learned how everything really does matter and that you shouldnt just blow it off and say i'll never see that person again because you might and that kindness goes a long way. 
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Things are definitely less stressful now but not wonderful. I mean I did win Secretary of the Freshman Class :-) and I\'m getting better at the dances for the variety show :-D and I have several new friends this year :-) like Conner and Rachel B. and Katie and Baillie so life is pretty good. Besides the fact that I made a B in Algebra 2 :-( but life does go on. My parents were pretty mad that the reason being was because I left my hw at home the first day she assigned homework but i\'m just gonna deal with it and work much harder to raise up my semester average. It was a 91 so it shouldnt be too hard to raise up. Today we had a quiz and I made a 100!!!! :-D :-) There were only like 5 ppl who did. I know I sound like I\'m bragging but that\'s really good for me with a quiz bc usually I make a 50!!!! This way, I can hopefully make a high A this six weeks. I also made a 100 in Latin!!! Yay me!!
:-D. I\'m going to a Student Council workshop this Monday during fall break ( thank goodness its fall break) and that will be fun bc Lema is going with me. :-D and We have a Model U.N. conference in October. and I signed up to do Dance Decorations for the Homecoming Dance and Homecoming is the week after fall break.
Man, I love high school!!! Its so much better than stupid middle school!
(Sorry that was long)
<33 Abs :-D
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Life is stressful. Fundraisers, hw in every class, posters, flyers, getting 50 signatures just to RUN for student council, brothers, running against one of your best friends for student council, and learning a dance that i am horrible at. Yes. That is what makes life stressful.
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