its 2 hard 2 think of a title haha

January 30 2006

So yah my brothers getting married!
            its pretty exiting!

P.S. yall need 2 do better on this remark thing


January 30 2006
P-dub!! haha how's this?? i still can't believe you have a brother! what a loser i am!! anywho, have a good one, lookin forward to the weekend! <33 Kat


January 31 2006
that is so freakin exciting!!! can't wait till this weekend!!! it's going to be so amazing--God is going to work in so many ways...i just can't even contain my excitedness!!!!! lol your amazing!!

lindsey mapes

February 01 2006
PATTON!!! hey! can't wait for the weekend this is the first time that i will have ever done anything other than sunday school and youth worship with ya'lls church. i can't wait! i'm MONDO EXCITED!!! kk c ya l8er!! ~lindsey mapes


February 05 2006
my p-dub! yea! so had lots of fun playin football @ the sb party w/ u tonight! that was pretty cool, if u ask me! well, have a super fun week! <33 Kat