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December 03 2006
myspace.. or facebook..


April 06 2006

  Well,,, I really have not been keeping up with this thing....   Well basically my biggest problem is a problem... my POS  ... my Car...  well it runs for a little bit and has its BF moments... 

I was going to buy Brandon Albrittion's Car but his dad wants 250$ all at once... which i do not have... I have missed so many early day classes.... but I do not sign in because i will have detention... 

I really hope the POS will have a nice day  Friday and work... because i have to work...  maby i need to stop calling it Gettomobile.... or POS  ... i think it gets mad at me...

Well G2G  ... finding a ride to early day class tomorrow because my mom's car is not working...  EvErYtHiNg is not working this month...

Now i g2g...  Take care everyone... God Bless

Job!! I got a yob!

March 13 2006

Hey yall... I finally got a job.. Yella yes!!  It is my old job but it still is a job(*.*).  GO USA.  I called in Sunday and my boss told me to come in that day!  How easy that was. I did not have to wait or anything... all I had to do was make a 5 minute phone call and bam zicidy zam I have job.. I wish things where that easy all the time!!  Also this means I will most likely get rid of my POS and get a new POS. Sweet... another POS that I will most likely blow up. 

O ya school is so boring... I am so ready for college!! Yella ya!!

Have Fun..

March 09 2006

Yall today may be thursday... but it really is like a friday!!!  Jeaaa Jeaaa!!  Yall I will have to agree with sara.. that inservice day is the greatest invention!!   So tommorow will be game night or somethin at jrotc so i hope ya peps come!!!  come on ya crackers lets all just have fun...  Sieze the moment.. if you are down, let your eyes open up because life is grand and not worth keeping your head down because their is so much to see so much to do in this world..  

Much luv ...

Dancing Gone Wrong...

March 03 2006

Today after school I was looking forward to because it is swing dancing day.  The thing is that it was not going to be such a good day after all.  I was trying to learn a new move with Callie.  It involved both of us facing the same direction and Callie was in front.  I put my hands on her waist and she had to jump and I would lift her apon my shoulders....The thing is that I sort of lifted to hard and we ended up going backward and Callie hit the floor.... I was so worried for her and I felt like crap.(I should of felt like crap anyway... she trusted me not to drop her and I did..)    I feel like an idiot...  I had done airial moves hundreds of times with no falt... But I still screwed up...  I should of not stood up so straight up and I should of had a foot behind me to prevent that but I screwed up...  I fell like sludge...scum of the earth... 

Later the ambulance came over to check her out and they took her to the hospital to scan her just in case..  I hope Callie is all right...  She already was not feeling good... I am horrible...  Callie I am so deeply and sincerly sorry..   Sorry. 


March 03 2006

Hey today is FRIDAY s !!!!!  Jeaaa jeaa!!   Today is my dancing day! Yall know what... we need more dancing people in this world.  Dancing is the shiz net.   that is some pritty good stuff right therrrr.    Hopefully their will be more people to dance with today!!

Dee Dee Dee

March 01 2006
Hey... I really do not know how to work this.... thing.. so Yall will have to bear with my ignorance for a short while...