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December 03, 2006

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Job!! I got a yob!

Hey yall... I finally got a job.. Yella yes!!  It is my old job but it still is a job(*.*).  GO USA.  I called in Sunday and my boss told me to come in that day!  How easy that was. I did not have to wait or anything... all I had to do was make a 5 minute phone call and bam zicidy zam I have job.. I wish things where that easy all the time!!  Also this means I will most likely get rid of my POS and get a new POS. Sweet... another POS that I will most likely blow up. 

O ya school is so boring... I am so ready for college!! Yella ya!!

March 15, 2006
Emily Duke said

yay!!! i'll come visit you!! *e*
March 23, 2006
Sam Vannouvong said

grr!! dats sux!! i want a job.....but hey get mea sum free tokens to da

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