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December 03, 2006

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Dancing Gone Wrong...

Today after school I was looking forward to because it is swing dancing day.  The thing is that it was not going to be such a good day after all.  I was trying to learn a new move with Callie.  It involved both of us facing the same direction and Callie was in front.  I put my hands on her waist and she had to jump and I would lift her apon my shoulders....The thing is that I sort of lifted to hard and we ended up going backward and Callie hit the floor.... I was so worried for her and I felt like crap.(I should of felt like crap anyway... she trusted me not to drop her and I did..)    I feel like an idiot...  I had done airial moves hundreds of times with no falt... But I still screwed up...  I should of not stood up so straight up and I should of had a foot behind me to prevent that but I screwed up...  I fell like sludge...scum of the earth... 

Later the ambulance came over to check her out and they took her to the hospital to scan her just in case..  I hope Callie is all right...  She already was not feeling good... I am horrible...  Callie I am so deeply and sincerly sorry..   Sorry. 

March 03, 2006
Elaine Stephens said

hey mark, don't beat yourself up so much. mistakes happen. it's the risk we all take when swing dancing. i felt horrible when i found out what happened because i wasn't there. idk, i guess i just feel like it's my duty to be there, and i couldn't because i was lying in bed with stupid mononucleosis. ugh. i'm just thankful that callie's ok now. i've been so worried. take care, ok? ttyl.
March 04, 2006
Sarah Vermillion said

Owie. Don't sweat it. Swing dancing is a dangerous pastime. I'm sure she'll be okay.
March 04, 2006
Callie Lund said

we all know the risk we are taking, it was nobody's fault.
March 04, 2006
Callie Lund said

plus it makes an interesting story if you add the move is called stripper pole....
March 04, 2006
Michael Thoe said

There is no point in beating yourself up. Though, regardless of what anyone says, you'll still probably are going to just because you are a guy and a raider, which believe it or not adds to it. I know what you are going through because it happened to me my freshman year at swing also, but with my accident, which was also my first, the chances where a lot higher of her getting seriously injured because she had scoliosis and if any one of the screws or metal things in her back had broken she would be paralyzed for life. Thankfully, nothing broke and she was fine though I was almost out for two weeks and I still have trouble with my back to this very day. No one thought it was going to happen and no one is really to blame; the point of the matter is that it was an accident and no matter how anyone tries it will always be an accident. We all have learned a lesson and I think we all should be glade that no one got permanently injured. No one holds any hatred toward you and no one blames you. That being said, I hope that you will continue coming to swing because you are a valued member. I hope you have a good weekend and make sure you do your counseling!! LoL Ttyl Bye.

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