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December 03, 2006

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  Well,,, I really have not been keeping up with this thing....   Well basically my biggest problem is a problem... my POS  ... my Car...  well it runs for a little bit and has its BF moments... 

I was going to buy Brandon Albrittion's Car but his dad wants 250$ all at once... which i do not have... I have missed so many early day classes.... but I do not sign in because i will have detention... 

I really hope the POS will have a nice day  Friday and work... because i have to work...  maby i need to stop calling it Gettomobile.... or POS  ... i think it gets mad at me...

Well G2G  ... finding a ride to early day class tomorrow because my mom's car is not working...  EvErYtHiNg is not working this month...

Now i g2g...  Take care everyone... God Bless

April 06, 2006
Sarah Vermillion said

Mabye when I finally get my new car you can have my crapmobile. It's old and too expensive to fix, but at least it'll run a while.
April 08, 2006
Michael Thoe said

God Bless??? Hmm, Mark are you going religious on me? LoL Well, I hope that you find a good car! God Bless!
September 09, 2006
D'Rae said

Hey! It's good to know ur still alive! Jonathan won't be home till Christmas. He has graduated from basic, and he's at AIT. Well, g2g. TTYL! Good Luck! ~D'Rae~

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