December 09 2005

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November 26 2005


About me..............this is my chance to sound interesting.

I was once a funny man. A very goofy individual. But I'm not the same person I used to be, I've taken 2% Milk and 3% Vinegar and threw them in the mix, trust me it does smell like old people and pickled cows, but it's for our own good. I also took away 19% of my random outburst type humor that has always got me in trouble with Parents, Co-workers, Tourists and Girlfriends since 1994.

I enjoy painting abstract artistic expressions.

I suffer from ADHD. But doesn't everyone ?

I'm "Childish"?

I'm tired.

I have a girlfriend named Kendall.  LOVE !!!!

long hair or short hair ? shaggy
travel or stay home? travel
bettys or bros ? bettys
film or photos ? photo.
driver's seat or shotgun ? whatever.
rock or rap ? rock. rap is way too funny to be taken seriously.
bush or kerry ? or...
buy it or download it ? download it
party hard or hardly partying ? hardly partying.
late night or early morning ? both, pull an all nighter
cell phone or pay phone ? cell
pepsi or coke ? coke
just for fun or the long run ? depends..usually i'm thinking of the future..
beauty on the inside or outside ? inside, no matter how dumb that sounds
mtv or no tv ? mtv....
bam or no bam ? ......recently i've stopped enjoying his antics....
skate or skater hater ? sideline cowboy
ninja vs hippo ? ninja everytime.
wanna chat ?



thankful for the giving

November 25 2005

Yesterday I went to Dothan, Alabama and ate a thanksgiving feast with my girlfriend's family.


I got the David Crowder Band Album.


I'm going to a bonfire tonight with Adam. I'll be sure to bring back pics.


Make a joyful noise to the lord of all the earth; make a loud noise.



November 21 2005

In case you haven't noticed.

amber skies, dark as daylight

November 18 2005

Forget about the roadrunner.

Why doesn't the coyote just use his money to buy a turkey or something ?

And sue Acme, their products always go insane and cause bodily injury.

Mr.Suggs was expecting to see something intellectual on my website.

I apologize.


November 18 2005

Today my sweetheart Kendall turned 17 !!!

(forgive that crappy photoshop, I was in a hurry and just needed something simple real quick like)

She has no idea.... the things I have planned to make this a birthday she'll never forget. Ever.


Just because of the fact that she never reads my blog, and I'd like everyone else to be in on the madness :

Right after school I'm going to pick up some flowers. I've also got to stop by my house and pick up her presents. Then I must make sure the folks that is going to show up are going to show up, namely me. We're going to hang out, watch movies and all that jazz and then later on in the night we're going to eat some ice cream cake and eat pizza. Probably eat pizza first, then ice cream cake. Or I'll put ice cream cake on my pizza. Then much later I'll take her off somewhere and be all romantic like I apparently tend to be.

And I bet when I said it would be a birthday she wouldn't forget you thought there would be scars involved.

not a chance.

keeping the faith

November 17 2005

So sometimes it's hard for me to show my faith, I like to keep it tucked away most of the time. It's easier, is it not ? People can't persecute you for something that's not obvious. But when I chose to follow Christ, I kinda knew it wasn't going to be easy. Becoming the follower of a rebel who was murdered....hmm...it can't be that easy.

Let's look at some history, there was this guy named Stephen, this guy was miserable, (or so I assume), and then he became a Christian, and then he was stoned to death.

Paul, who was a murderer before he became a  Christian and then was blinded while traveling, met Jesus in a burst of light, and then spent various painful years moving from city to city, prison to prison, routinely being beaten up and bitten by snakes.

And then there's Peter, who was rescued from a successful fishing business only to be crucified. Upside down. With his wife.

It's not an easy thing. Sure it's the greatest thing on this earth to have a relationship with Christ, but I suppose we all just have to look back when we're mocked and realize this is a journey where we were given few guarantees and that we should just trust in the Lord.


November 14 2005

as soon as you're born you start dying,

so you might as well have a good time.


tubed blue

November 07 2005

7 project a success

November 06 2005

 was a huge success.

I'll make a guess and say that nearly 1,000* people accepted Jesus Christ as their lord and savior Friday night on that football field. I can imagine the party in heaven, all the angels dancing as name after name was added to the book of life.

For more information on the seven project visit

*update - 11/6/05*

we now know around 400-600 people raised their hands showing they prayed the sinner's prayer.


November 03 2005

I sit here, mildy amused by the things of this world.

the love

October 31 2005

one of my favorite photos of my love.

eating pizza.

with a cowboy-ish type hat.


October 28 2005

does anyone remember ?

does anyone remember

does anyone remember the

does anyone remember ?


October 28 2005

raoul_de_castor has said in his blog:

so according to my mother, i should have the entire rest of my life planned out from this point forth.

somewhere she missed the fact that i am only 17. that i don't know exactly where i want to go to college. that i don't know what i want to do "when i grow up."

she thinks i haven't been thinking about it at all. that all i am concerned about is having fun with my friends in the here and now.

i don't remember the last time i just sat and hung out with my friends. i've been working all day most every day for the past few weeks.

i mean, that obviously shows that i am lazy and don't think about the future. what a horrible, no good teenager i am.....

I can't help but say I agree, what a no good teenager I am too. Big decisions are coming up in my life. I'm about to be bombarded by responsibility. High school is the only time in your life where you really don't have a whole lot to worry about, and I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible before it's over. It's going to be **sarcasm** very exciting out there **end sarcasm** in the big world. The moment I graduate, it's all over. You don't get a second chance at life in High school.

And no,

I don't know where I'm going to college, or how.

It seems like whenever I plan on doing anything in life, money is, and will always be a factor. I hate money. I hate how it looks, I hate how it feels, I hate the paper-ery dirt smell it has. I hate the way people love money more than their own family. I HATE MONEY.

And yes, it has been awhile since I've hung out with my friends. Between hanging out with Kendall (which is good, don't get me wrong) and filling out ACT applications, Scholarship applications, College Applications and other stuff that is as pointless as Aaron actually having a driver's license.

Forgive for rambling, but once I start, it's hard to stop.

I'm done now. Go about your business. Talk amoungst yourselves.

let's not and say we didn't

October 28 2005

Dr. Nutty, a local mad scientist had this to say in a recent interview:

Kill the trees! Don’t kid yourself. Given the opportunity a tree would kill you and everyone you care about. It is imperative that we begin at once be eliminating an enemy that could cause instability in a region on the brink of chaos. If trees are allowed to have their way, how long do you think we will be able to trust bushes? Think about it. Only you can prevent the prevention of forest fires.


October 26 2005


I was at church camp and there was a really bad storm.

Eventually we lost power and most of my friends went scrambling for our flashlights.

My best friend at camp (sadly), shouted,

"Oh no! Since we don't have electricity our flashlights won't work!"

It took awhile, but we managed to explain to him that flashlights run on batteries.

I'm still not sure he gets it, but someday he'll understand.

tricky ninja traps

October 25 2005
Jonesin' for a Jones right now.I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico.Not Really.Where have I been ?Around.I assure you I'm still here.Somewhere.You're going to have to look for me if you want to find me.I'm not going to just FALL INTO YOUR LAP.current mood: focused on Godcurrent music: david crowder - "heaven came down"