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sideline cowboy

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March 24, 2006

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GOD, art, poetry, coffee, thinking, travel, the travel CHANNEL, painting, drums, production, music, movies (making and watching), media, photography, reading, history, the history channel, theology, jones soda, computers, network security, teaching, my girlfriend (kendall), changing the way people look at the world, reaching out


the david crowder band, copeland, emery, anberlin, coldplay, chris rice, the shins, reliant k, keane, jeremy camp, jack johnson, cake, david gray, flickerstick,


garden state, the royal tennenbaums, batman begins, fight club, napoleon dynamite, grind, robots, I love cartoons; popeye, the disney animated classics, Robin Hood, Jungle Book, Peter Pan


The Bible, Praise Habit, Faith that Breathes, Mere Christianity, Searching for God knows what, C.S. Lewis !!!! Anything with Theology

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About me..............this is my chance to sound interesting.

I was once a funny man. A very goofy individual. But I\'m not the same person I used to be, I\'ve taken 2% Milk and 3% Vinegar and threw them in the mix, trust me it does smell like old people and pickled cows, but it\'s for our own good. I also took away 19% of my random outburst type humor that has always got me in trouble with Parents, Co-workers, Tourists and Girlfriends since 1994.

I enjoy painting abstract artistic expressions.

I suffer from ADHD. But doesn\'t everyone ?

I\'m \"Childish\"?

I\'m tired.

I have a girlfriend named Kendall.  LOVE !!!!

long hair or short hair ? shaggy
travel or stay home? travel
bettys or bros ? bettys
film or photos ? photo.
driver\'s seat or shotgun ? whatever.
rock or rap ? rock. rap is way too funny to be taken seriously.
bush or kerry ? or...
buy it or download it ? download it
party hard or hardly partying ? hardly partying.
late night or early morning ? both, pull an all nighter
cell phone or pay phone ? cell
pepsi or coke ? coke
just for fun or the long run ? depends..usually i\'m thinking of the future..
beauty on the inside or outside ? inside, no matter how dumb that sounds
mtv or no tv ? mtv....
bam or no bam ? ......recently i\'ve stopped enjoying his antics....
skate or skater hater ? sideline cowboy
ninja vs hippo ? ninja everytime.
wanna chat ?



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thankful for the giving

Yesterday I went to Dothan, Alabama and ate a thanksgiving feast with my girlfriend\'s family.


I got the David Crowder Band Album.


I\'m going to a bonfire tonight with Adam. I\'ll be sure to bring back pics.


Make a joyful noise to the lord of all the earth; make a loud noise.


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In case you haven\'t noticed.

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amber skies, dark as daylight


Forget about the roadrunner.

Why doesn\'t the coyote just use his money to buy a turkey or something ?

And sue Acme, their products always go insane and cause bodily injury.

Mr.Suggs was expecting to see something intellectual on my website.

I apologize.

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