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Brandon Lawrence

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September 04, 2006

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I play alot of guitar, ultimate frisbee, and i love to rock climb, and go to concerts. Im in a band, our webpage should be up soon!


I listen to just about everything but country. My favorites are Third Eye Blind, Duncan Sheik, Ari Hest, G Love, Dave, Jason Mraz, Jack Johnson, Nickel Creek, Sublime, Dispatch, Phish, MOE, OAR, Ben Folds, Hootie, Ben Harper, lots of stuff...


Black Hawk Down, Elf, Fight Club, Platoon, Bourne Supremecy.... lots of action movies, but funny movies are the best.


Any Chuck Palahniuk books are good. (He's the author of Fight club)

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so i play everyother weekend at this resturant/bar which is fun and good becuas eits a regualr gig, and its good money. anyways...there have this big cinco de mayo festival/party thing that they want  me to play at...its gonna be on a stage outside, and my show is going to be live on the radio. thats crazy.  i am incredibly excited yet also nervous. i dont have that much time to practice from now till then, but i have to play like with no mistakes. anyways wish me not sure what radio staion yet, they said its between 91.9 and 102.3 but ill post that when i find out.
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lucky freaking break (its long but read it)

so ive recently been looking for new venues to play at around louisville, and trying to book more shows and blah blah blah. anyways.....i happen to walk into this resturant - tijuana flats- which is like a moes  or a qdoba if you have any of the you know what im talking about. so i ask the manager if they ever had an live music come through there. and apparently they were in the midst of trying to get a live music program started. so.... he offered me an open date for show (which is saturday the 18th at 7-10 o clock). he also called me back today and said he spoke with the district manager (manager of all three tijuana flats in louisville) and hes going to come watch me and the girl i play with and if we do good they want to put us on a regular schedual at all the tijuana flats. thats freaking awesome, especially considering that on our first show, which is basically an audition show were each taking home 100 bucks. even though its still a week and a half away wish me luck...cause i gotta play my ass off to get that regular scheduel....
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so ive got a show in a couple of weeks and i need a couple good cover songs to play. some acoustic/ ind/ rock stuff. any ideas?
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hey hey hey

guess whos birthday it is...
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isnt it crazy how much you can get done in the day if you take it one step at a time.

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