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August 12, 2006

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sports, music, hangin out with friends, church


christian, um rock?, bout anything


comedy (everything), scary (the ring 1, 2 and uh),


the bible, woo hoo, haha

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i was going to say this before graham waved his white flag but it is as follows....

Today Graham Withers officially resigned at his post on Phusebox. After being out numbered by logical, realistic, sports savvy fans (i.e. John Weber, Kevin Spradlin) he could take no more. After all who could, if you are one of these people that should consider resigning and/or shutting up then take this simple quiz.

1) Does your team suck?

2) If so, do you still defend them?

2a) WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

3) Can they buy a win at home?

4) Do they play anybody?

5) Did their star player recently miss at least 3 key shots that would have put them in a position to win?

6) Is their Rival's conference a heck of alot harder than theirs?

7) Did their savior ditch them to coach for their rival's team?

8) Do you have a big stupid blue wig?

9) Does your name begin with a G and end with something that rhymes with ham?

And finally 10)  Are you still reading this?

Please take a moment to fill these out and attach to remark.

In conclusion lets just think of Graham, and wonder, how you could be so wrong, so many times. Then count your blessings because you're not retarded. It is a sad story of a poor boy, that has come to a close.

- John Weber

JRW NEWS 2/12/06

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hey well ive got a bball game tonight with church, im feeling a win, i feel alot better (from pulling my groin 2 weeks ago), and i dono if tylers playing, but were not gonna go 0-3, i dono, i feel good about it, but we def need some support, so come on be a cheerleader tonight at 7 15, westport rd baptist church, i hope to see a buncha people there, im at school now, so i dont have the schedule, but ill post it up here soon, so come out and watch us, itll be fun, cyall later


(on behalf of the smbc bball team, haha)

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happy 6th month anniversary chelsea! (yesterday)

i love you soooooooooo much!

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i was just kidding

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a slight correction

actually schools not that bad, especially since its manual, im sure youve heard of it, i know it does suck for others (male), but you know im not sure why, cuz honestly id really like to wear uniforms or splurge on fridays and wear jeans and a t shirt, im sure manual kids can never do that, o id hafta get my hair cut too, sweet, o and also i could be dumb and not get to take as hard of classes and stuff, sounds good to me, and id get to do alot of busy work instead of something that matters, wow male is sounding good right now, screw that other place, i guess its kinda like being in jail, no rights, gosh im so jealous but i guess im stuck at manual, o well i think ill get over it, somehow! ha get em rams


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