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December 19, 2006

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Basketball, God, Church, just hangin out, UK.


Switchfoot, Greenday, Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns, Relient K, other stuff.


Remember the Titans, The Longest Yard, Bruce Almighty, I Robot, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Napoleon Dynamite, Passion of the Christ, anything comedy and stuff with war.


The Bible, Harry Potter, Series of Unfortuante Events, sports stuff.

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Last Day OF SCHOOL!!!

Today was our last day of school! i'm happy. we had our graduation at old male today, then we left to go to kanasas. i'm writing in our hotel room in st. louis. well, im just glad that's its finally summer, and i am now a 9 th grader in high school.
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throback week

so this week in the SEC is throwback week. they're pretty tight uni's.

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yeah, so the retreat was pretty cool. im really tired right now cuz i just got back. i really dont feel like talking about it much even though it was cool.
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Well, since it has been al ong time since we have last updated it, alot has gone on.  The first thing is that UK actually beat the muchly overated U of L.  Enought of that... Christmas was crazy.  My dad's family came in from everywhere, and my uncle was sick.  After he left everybody else started getting sick.  Then my grandpa started getting sick and on Christmas Eve, he had to go the Hospital and was there for about 5 hours.  Every Christmas Eve we always open presents, so when they got back at 11:00, we opened presents.  And then I was up all night trying to get my iPod to work. It wouldn't so I had to take it back and return it (but I got a PSP to replace it so that was cool).  Well, thats pretty much whats been happening with me.
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Happy Bday to me!
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