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tha things people say...

November 01 2005

some things people say really cut deep!
on the lines of this:
"so Amy your birthday is in a month, we should throw you a party"
with me sitting right next to her!

Love Through Christ!


November 01 2005
that really sucks...i've had situations kinda like that happen to me...of course not exactly since i'm not a twin...but things like that really stink...even if the person doesn't realize what they said...i miss you soooo much!!! i hope you have a great rest of the week!!! i love you!!!


November 01 2005
i'm sorry rachel. i tell you what, i'll throw you a birthday party just for you. i love you. piece

Rachael Moore

November 01 2005
you can either look at it as a hurtful situation, or look at it as... that person is an idiot. if you do the second on you will laugh. i love you rachel!


November 01 2005
i hope your not talking about what i said at chilis!!! i feel really bad.


November 01 2005
i sooooo was the one that pointed out that someone else obviously happens to have the same bday as me.... :o) love ya sis! tonight was fun!

Laura Polis

November 01 2005
well since your birthday is next month and all. ..you should come to disneyworld. . .b/c that's what all the cool kids do


November 01 2005
What if I come to the party for one and not the other?


November 02 2005
one party. two cakes. i'm just saying.... ;D

Julie Brockwell

November 02 2005
hey..screw that!! i am gonna come home and throw a better party!!! LOL!! And you know i will!! so you better mark that on your calendar!!! Just let me know what theme you want and i will get it done!! I love and miss ya soo much!!